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News ImageClassic Stories and New Frontiers with Bob Picardo Apr 24, 2017
Our own John Kirk brings a convention report from last month's Toronto Comic-Con, where he spent the afternoon moderating a fan panel with STAR TREK: VOYAGER actor Robert Picardo - come learn what the one-time holographic doctor is up to these days!

News ImageWin La-La Land's STAR TREK: VOYAGER Soundtrack! Mar 17, 2017
Attention all Trek music lovers: thanks to our friends at La-La Land Records, we have two copies of their stunning new STAR TREK: VOYAGER soundtrack collection ready to fly straight from the Delta Quadrant right to your front door - enter to win the new four-disc set today!

News ImageREVIEW: La-La Land's VOYAGER Soundtrack Collection Mar 12, 2017
The long-awaited release of the limited-edition STAR TREK: VOYAGER soundtrack collection from La-La Land Records has finally arrived in the Alpha Quadrant, and it only seems like it took 70 years – because now that this epic 4-CD collection has docked in Sector 001, it’s clear that it has been worth the wait. Check out our full review of this new five-hour Delta Quadrant music collection!

News ImageFIRST LOOK: New VOYAGER DVD Set Mar 06, 2017
The new STAR TREK: VOYAGER DVD box set hits stores on Tuesday – the first reissue of the popular Trek series in North America since the original 2004 release – and today we’ve got the first hands-on photos of the new collection!

News ImageVOYAGER Back on DVD Tuesday Mar 04, 2017
Following new DVD releases of both ENTERPRISE and DEEP SPACE NINE this year, next week sees STAR TREK: VOYAGER back on DVD in the United States for the first time in thirteen years! New space-saving packing and a full-series box set arrives next Tuesday - head on over to Amazon to order your low-price copy now!

News ImageLa-La Land VOYAGER Soundtrack Now Available Feb 28, 2017
The long-awaited STAR TREK: VOYAGER soundtrack collection from La-La Land Records is now available! Click through the headline link to jump right to La-La Land's store.

News ImageLa-La Land VOYAGER Soundtrack Listing Revealed! Feb 16, 2017
A few weeks ago, La-La Land Records finally announced their long-awaited Star Trek: Voyager soundtrack collection – coming February 28 – after over a year of anticipation for the first real release of series score in over twenty years. Now, we’ve got the first breakdown of the upcoming collection, with more than five hours of Delta Quadrant melodies across a limited-run, four-disc set!

News ImageVOYAGER Soundtrack Collection Coming February 28 Feb 02, 2017
As first teased over a year ago, La-La Land Records today has finally announced the debut date of their long-awaited "Star Trek: Voyager" expanded soundtrack release – coming on February 28. This four-disc set is the first full "Voyager" music release since the original “Caretaker” soundtrack album all the way back in 1995!

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