Time And Again Trivia

The power station corridor set is later reused as the Vidiian tunnel/corridor in "Phage" and "Faces", the Nyrian corridor in "Displaced" and multiple Borg corridors ("Dark Frontier" et al).
The same animated image is used on the medical monitor to represent a scan of Kes' brain as is used in "Cathexis" to represent Paris' brain.
The same planet is used to represent the aliens' planet in Time And Again as for the Kohl planet in "The Thaw".
The Chaltok IV incident, in which a Romulan research colony was destroyed during the tests of a polaric device, led to the Polaric Test Ban Treaty of 2268.
Commbadges are designed to self-activate when the casing is destroyed, to help locate injured victims.
The Standard 15-501 Crew Personnel Report is usually transmitted to Starfleet medical by an alien world's government so that there is a record of the physiological makeup of crew members from new species. Customarily it is the ship doctor's responsibility to update the medical database on additions to the crew.
Paris claims that he has five women waiting at home for him.
So far no one has updated the medical database to inform the Doctor that Kes, Neelix, and the Maquis are on board, even though he has met some of these people on previous occasions.
This is the first mention of the Delaney sisters. They become an ongoing potential romantic pairing for Paris and Kim. It will never be mentioned which of the unnamed twins is intended for which man, although Kim will later tell Paris that he has noticed that the twins are very distinctive characteristics. The sisters will not be given first names until later episodes and will be seen only once, in "Thirty Days", when they will be seen in costume for a Captain Proton holo-adventure. One sister, Jenny, is named for the first time in "Prime Factors", while the other sister, Megan, is named for the first time in "The Chute". The Delaney sisters work in Stellar Cartography.
Admiral Paris used to have annual discussions with his son Tom on the importance of the Prime Directive.
The unit of currency in the province that Janeway and Paris are in is the Kalada.
The Doctor is designated "Zimmerman" in the script throughout Season 1, because the character was originally intended to take on the name of his creator, Dr Zimmerman.
When Janeway tells the injured Paris: "I'll be back for you," before racing into the power station, the background music contains part of the Voyager theme.