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Phage_002.jpgJaneway: "Captainís Log, Stardate 48532.4. Weíre on our way to a rogue planetoid which Mister Neelix tells us is an extremely rich source of raw dilithium. If heís right, this could go a long way towards easing our power shortage."

Phage_011.jpgNeelix: "Hope you enjoy it."
Janeway: "What is going on here?"
Neelix: "Captain! You caught me by surprise!"
Janeway: "I could say the same thing. What are you doing?"
Neelix: "Well, I know how you and the other senior officers have been, excuse me, disappointed with the rations lately, so I thought
Iíd use a few of the vegetables from the Phage_012.jpghydroponics bay and whip up a little breakfast."
Janeway: "You have turned this into a galley?"
Neelix: "It wasnít easy. I had to completely re-route the mess hall power conduits and scrounge a lot of supplies from all over the ship, but thatís my specialty, making something out of nothing. I know it doesnít look like much now, but in a few days youíll swear thereíd been a galley here for years. Be careful, that one is a little spicy."
Phage_019.jpgJaneway: "Neelix, who approved this?"
Neelix: "Ah, well, no one."
Janeway: "Well you might have asked me first. This used to be my private dining room."
Neelix: "Your dining room?"
Janeway: If you had checked the shipís directory, you would have noticed that cabin one two five alpha deck two is designated as the
Phage_028.jpgCaptainís Private Dining Room."
Neelix: "Oh! Then I guess that youíll be wanting me to move all of this stuff out of your way?"
Chakotay (Over comm): "Bridge to Captain Janeway."
JANEWAY: "Go ahead."
Chakotay (Over comm): "Weíre approaching the rogue planetoid, Captain."
Phage_032.jpgJaneway: "On my way. I want you to come with me. We will deal with this later."
Neelix: "Ensign Parsons! Would you mind keeping an eye on things until I get back and er, rotate the darvut fritters every ten minutes until they turn a deep chartreuse. And remember one, one to a customer."

Phage_044.jpgChakotay: "Where are you going?"
Neelix: "With you. Iíve been studying my tricorder operations manual. Lt Torres has brought me up to date on dilithium geophysics. Iíve been preparing for this mission all week."
Janeway: "Very well, Mister Neelix."
Neelix: "I think youíll find me extremely helpful, Commander. I remember the first time I flew past this planet, it was about three years ago."
Kim: "Deck four."

Phage_050.jpgChakotay: "It looks like there are several large deposits in this general vicinity. Letís split up and begin taking geological scans. Keep your comm. channels open at all times and donít wander too far. Stay within a fifty metre radius of this position. Chakotay to Kim."
Kim (Over communicator): Go ahead."
Chakotay: "Iím still picking up dilithium signatures but there are no
Phage_051.jpgdilithium formations here. Have you found anything yet?"
Kim: "Iím running a geo-strato analysis of the rock in this vicinity. So far thereís no indication of any dilithium."
Chakotay (Over communicator): "Keep looking."

Phage_067.jpgNeelix: "Hello? Is there someone there? Hello? I know thereís somebody." (Neelix gets attacked)

Phage_080.jpgDoctor: "Get the blood gas infuser."
Chakotay: "The what?"
"Equipment storage unit two, second shelf on the left. Now, hold him still."
Kim: "Whatís happening, Doctor?"
"Heís going into a coma. The infuser will keep his oxygen levels stable for the next hour or so but after that, heíll die. His lungs have been removed."

Phage_112.jpgDoctor: "The man drives a seven hundred thousand ton starship so somebody thinks heíd make a good medic."

Phage_118.jpgParis: "What are you doing?"
"Iím using the transporter matrix to get exact specifications for Neelixís lungs."
"I thought you just said we canít replicate his lungs."
"We canít. But if I can reconfigure my emitter array I might be able to create a pair of holographic lungs for Mister Neelix."
"Holographic lungs?"
Phage_122.jpgDoctor: "If itís successful, we can precisely control his pulmonary functions to allow normal breathing."
"But a hologram is just a projection of light held in a magnetic containment field. Thereís no real matter involved."
"Now, you hit me. The magnetic containment field that creates the illusion of my body can be modulated to allow matter to pass through it or be stopped. I might be able to modulate the Phage_125.jpgholographic lungs in the same way, allowing oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass from the lungs to the blood stream."
Kes: I want to know what this means. What are you going to do to him?
"Thereís no time to explain the exact procedure to you right now."
Kes: Oh, youíll make the time, because Iím not going to let you
Phage_131.jpgperform any experimental surgery on Neelix until I know exactly what youíre doing and what the risks are."
"The risk is that it wonít work. And if it doesnít heíll die. But it is his only immediate chance for survival. If he does survive, heíll have to be held motionless in an isotropic restraint. The lungs need to be perfectly aligned to his internal physiology. The computer wonít be able to compensate for any body movement whatsoever."
"How long will he have to stay like that?"
"For the rest of his life, unless the holo-lungs can be replaced by his original organs. And he will never be able to leave the holographic environment of this room. The holo-lungs would disappear the moment he went out the door."

Phage_140.jpgTuvok: "This room is the source of the dilithium signature we detected earlier. The power systems here are running on an unusual dilithium matrix."
Kim: "So there are actually no dilithium deposits on this planet."
Tuvok: "It would appear not."
Kim: "Are these organs?"
Janeway: "This looks like some sort of storage facility."
Phage_147.jpgTuvok: "I would say you are correct, Captain. This appears to be a biological repository."
Janeway: "Any sign of Neelixís lungs?"
Tuvok: "Negative. There is however a Kazon liver, and although I cannot identify the other organs on display here I would say they bear a striking similarity to pulmonary organs, epidermal tissue,
ocular nerve fibreÖ"
Phage_150.jpgJaneway: "Save the cataloguing for later, Tuvok, according to my tricorder there was a lifeform in this room less than 10 minutes ago."
Kim: "Captain."
Janeway: "Open it. One life sign 20 metres ahead. Letís go."

Phage_160.jpgParis: "Okay. The isotropic restraint is activated. He wonít be able to move more than two microns in any direction."
"One micron would be preferable but I suppose itíll have to do. Initiating the holographic emitter array."
"His cellular toxicity is rising. Eight two percent. Eighty six percent."
"Computer, activate programme Neelix-One. Deactivate Phage_162.jpginfuser."
"Itís offline."
"Here we go."
"Ninety percent. Ninety five percent. Toxicity returning to normal."

Phage_164.jpgJaneway: "Captainís log, supplemental. We are pursuing the alien ship from the moon. They are not responding to hails and it appears that our two ships are evenly matched for speed."

Phage_167.jpgNeelix: "Holographic lungs?"
"Yes, and theyíre working perfectly, if I do say so myself. Try to breath normally."
Neelix: "How long can I live like this?"
"I donít know. This is an unprecedented medical procedure. We will be closely monitoring your condition."
Neelix: "When do I get out of this restraint?"
Phage_169.jpgDoctor: "Unless Captain Janeway is successful in retrieving your original lungs, youíll have to stay in the isotropic restraint indefinitely."
Neelix: "Indefinitely? You mean I could be in here the rest of my life."
"But weíre trying to find the aliens that did this to you. The Phage_170.jpgCaptain is doing everything she can."
"Well, if Iím going to be in here a while, nowís as good a time as any to tell you your ceiling is hideous."
"I didnít design the room, I just work here."
Neelix: "Something with a bit of colour would help. Maybe a nice tapestry or a painting. Could you dim the lights a little?"
"Iím a doctor, Mister Neelix, not a decorator. Perhaps you would be willing to accommodate his aesthetic needs."
Neelix: "And some music would be nice. Or better yet, are you programmed to sing?"

Phage_177.jpgNeelix: "Oh, fine. I have a little accident, I lose a pair of lungs, and the next thing I know Paris is swooping in like a Rektillian vulture."

Phage_203.jpgDoctor: "Donít worry, Iím not going to kiss you, Iím only adjusting the restraint."
"Iíll try to contain my disappointment."

Phage_206.jpgNeelix: "Doctor? Doctor, I require your assistance."
"What is it Mister Neelix?"
Neelix: "Please, itís urgent."
Neelix: "I have an itch."
"An itch."
Neelix: "Just above my left eyebrow. A little Phage_205.jpghigher. Thank you."
Doctor: "Youíre quite welcome."
Neelix: "Doctor, wait, donít leave."
"Iím not leaving Mister Neelix, Iím simply going back to work."
Neelix: "I canít see you over there. Feel like Iím all alone."
"You are all alone. Iím a holographic projection. A projection with a lot of work to do, I might add."
Phage_209.jpgNeelix: "Thatís very amusing, Doctor. But, um, really starting to feel a little trapped in here. A little claustrophobic maybe. Iím not really sure what to do."
"Thereís nothing you can do except lie there and be quiet."
Neelix: "Iím going to lie here for the rest of my life, arenít I? Just staring up at the ceiling. Iím not sure I can take that. I really need to get out of this restraint. Doctor, I want you to let me out of this thing right now."
Phage_212.jpgDoctor: "You know thatís impossible."
Neelix: "Iím the patient, I know what my rights are. I want to be released from this restraint immediately. Immediately!"
"Mister Neelix, you are alive, you are breathing and for the moment your condition is stable. That is more than most people can say in your situation. Now it is critical to your recovery that you not subject yourself to any additional stress. Try to calm down."
Phage_213.jpgNeelix: "Donít tell me to calm down. Youíre not the one trapped in a restraining field with holo, holo-lungs. I donít think theyíre working. I canít get enough oxygen. Must be something wrong."
"Youíre hyperventilating. Try to take slow, natural breaths."
Neelix: "Canít. Iím dying. Let me out of here. Help me, helpÖhelp me!"

Phage_216.jpgTuvok: "Sensors detect a large chamber ahead."
Chakotay: "What the hell?"
"We appear to be seeing Voyager and the alien ship reflecting off the walls of the chamber."
"Can you determine which ship is the real one?"
Tuvok: "No Captain. The walls are emanating severe electro-magnetic interference. I cannot scan them directly."
Phage_217.jpgJaneway: "Itís like trying to move through a hall of mirrors. You never know when youíre going to walk into the glass."
"Iím still picking up the alienís ion trail. Maybe we should follow that."
Chakotay: "He might have left a fake ion trail, to lure us in here. It could lead us right into one of those walls."
"Thatís a chance weíre going to have to take. Tuvok, extend the deflectors to maximum range. If we do run into something, itíll give us an extra margin of error. Follow the ion trail, Mister Paris. Slowly. Mister Kim, continuous scans."
"Aye, Captain."

Phage_221.jpgKes: "Iíll do what I can to reassure him, Doctor."
Doctor: "Good. If you donít mind Iíd like you to remain in sickbay so youíre here when he wakes up."
Kes: "Of course. Are you all right?"
Doctor: "Me?"
Kes: "You seem agitated about something."
Doctor: "Of course Iím agitated. This entire Phage_222.jpgsituation is getting out of control."
Kes: "You mean Neelix."
Doctor: "First they tell me thereís no doctor, so I have to be on call 24 hours a day. And then they tell me there are no nurses so I have no one to assist me."
Kes: "I thought Tom Paris was assigned to you."
Doctor: "Like I said, no one to assist me. And now I have a patient
Phage_225.jpgwith severe and possibly long term emotional problems and thereís no counsellor on board. I am an emergency medical supplement. A supplement, thatís all. I wasnít programmed for any of this. Itís just unacceptable."
Kes: "I donít know anything about holographic engineering, but if you want my opinion, you havenít been acceptable, youíve been remarkable."
Phage_226.jpgDoctor: "Iíve only done what the programme allows me to."
Kes: "Give yourself some credit. You saved his life. You did. Not some programme."
Doctor: "It may seem that way to you."
Kes: "Thatís exactly how it seems."
Doctor: "Youíre very kind."

Phage_229.jpgChakotay: "Well maybe we should. Tuvok, what would happen if we reduced the phaser power level to a minimum setting and sent out a continuous beam."
Tuvok: "The phaser would continue to reflect off the bulkheads until it encountered a non-reflective material."
Chakotay: "Until it encountered a non-reflective material, like the real alien ship."
Janeway: "So we could use the phasers like a searchlight, scan the interior of the station until we find the ship."
Chakotay: "Exactly."
Janeway: "Do it."

Phage_235.jpgJaneway: "Youíre on the Starship Voyager. Iím Captain Kathryn Janeway of the United Federation of Planets."
Dereth: "Iím Dereth, of the Vidiian Sodality."
Janeway: "You attacked one of our crewmembers and you have lured us into this asteroid. Why?"
Dereth: "We are gathering replacement organs and suitable bio-matter. It is the only way we have to fight the Phage."
Phage_236.jpgJaneway: "A virus? Some kind of disease?"
Motora: "Yes, it attacked our people over two millennia ago. It consumes our bodies, destroys our genetic codes and cellular structures."
Janeway: "So you harvest the bodies of other beings to replace your own tissues as theyíre consumed by this Phage?"
Motora: "Our immuno-technology cannot keep up. The Phage
Phage_237.jpgadapts. It resists all attempts to destroy it. Our society has been ravaged. Thousands die each day. There is no other way for us to survive."
Janeway: "I have a great Ö sympathy for what your race has endured, but I cannot allow you to keep the organs you removed from one of our crew members. We need them back immediately."
Dereth: "Iím afraid that isnít possible. I have already bio-chemically
Phage_238.jpgaltered the air-breathing organs and grafted them into Motoraís body. They are a part of him now."
Motora: "He is my hunata, his task is to find the organs I need for survival. We, we try to extract them from the dead."
Dereth: "But sometimes, when the need is immediate, more aggressive actions are required."
Janeway: "So now Iím left with the same choice you made.
Phage_239.jpgWhether to commit murder to save a life, or to allow my own crewman to die while you breath air through his lungs."
Motora: "It must be impossible for you to understand how any civilised people could come to this. Before the phage began, we were known as educators and explorers. A people whose greatest achievements were artistic. I myself am a sculptor of note on my world. All I can say is that when your entire existence is at stake.."
Dereth: "You donít have to explain yourself, Motora."
Phage_242.jpgMotora: "If the consequence of this act is a death sentence, so be it. At least it will put an end to my suffering."
Janeway: "I canít begin to understand what your people have gone through. They may have found a way to ignore the moral implications of what you are doing, but I have no such luxury. I donít have the freedom to kill you to save another. My culture finds that to be a reprehensible and entirely unacceptable act. If we were closer
Phage_243.jpgto home I would lock you up and turn you over to my authorities for trial, but I donít even have that ability here. And I am not prepared to carry you forever in our brig. So I see no other alternative but to let you go. Take a message to your people. If I ever encounter your kind again I will do whatever is necessary to protect my people from this harvesting of yours. Any aggressive actions against this ship or itís crew will be met by the deadliest force. Is that clear?"
Dereth: "Quite."

Phage_268.jpgDereth: "Strange. According to my readings, you are not here."
Doctor: "Believe me, I wish I werenít."

Phage_273.jpgDereth: "Which of you will donate a lung?"
Kes: "Me."
Neelix: "No, absolutely not. Itís too dangerous. Let someone else do it."
Kes: "No, I want to do it Neelix, Iím willing to take the risk. Besides, youíve done so much for me, let me give you something this once. Just for once."
Phage_276.jpgNeelix: "All right."
Janeway: "I look forward to sampling your cooking, Mister Neelix."
Neelix: "You mean I can keep my kitchen?"
Janeway: "Well, at least until we get the replicators back on line."
Neelix: "Thank you, Captain. And Captain, Iíll see you at breakfast."

Phage_281.jpgJaneway: "Captainís log, supplemental. The aliens have successfully transplanted one of Kesís lungs into Neelix. The dampening field has been deactivated, and I have allowed them to beam back to their vessel. We are resuming a course home."

Phage_285.jpgDoctor: "Itís all right. The operation was a success. Neelix is asleep and breathing on his own now. With your lung."
Kes: "I feel a little light-headed."
Doctor: "That will pass. Youíll soon adapt to diminished lung capacity. I spoke to the Captain about you. Sheís given me permission to begin training you as a medical assistant. Youíll be a back-up for Mister Paris or possibly a replacement. That is,
Phage_290.jpgassuming youíre interested."
Kes: "Of course Iím interested. When do we start?"
Doctor: "Weíll begin your lessons as soon as youíve fully recovered."
Kes: "Thank you, Doctor."
Doctor: "Thank you. Youíve given me a lot to think about."