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eyeofneedle_000.jpgJaneway: "Captain's Log, Stardate 48579.4. The crew has been scanning constantly for anomalies that might help us shorten our journey home. Ensign Kim has reported an exciting discovery. A subspace disturbance which may be a wormhole."

eyeofneedle_004.jpgJaneway: "Letís see what you have, Mister Kim."
Kim: "There. Itís registering only on subspace bands. We donít even have it on long range sensors yet."
Janeway: "Verteron emanations. Tunnelling secondary particles. It certainly looks like a wormhole."
Chakotay: "But is it stable enough for us to enter, and if it is, where does it lead?"
eyeofneedle_006.jpgTuvok: "There is, of course, a seventy five percent chance the wormhole will not lead to the Alpha Quadrant."
Janeway: "Very true. But you can also say thereís a one in four chance it will. Those arenít bad odds. Any analysis yet, Ensign?"
Kim: "Too far away. Weíd have to be within a thousand kilometres to get a detailed analysis. That would mean a significant course change."
eyeofneedle_011.jpgJaneway: "Well, Mister Kim, if thereís even the possibility of finding a wormhole I think we can afford a detour. Lieutenant, input the co-ordinates and change course."
Paris: "Aye Captain. And may I suggest, if this works, we petition the Federation Astronomical Committee to officially designate this the Harry Kim Wormhole."

eyeofneedle_019.jpgParis: "Captain, weíre approaching the co-ordinates of the wormhole."
Janeway: "On screen . Are we in visual range?"
Kim: "Affirmative, Captain, and the anomaly is still registering on subspace bands."
Paris: "Sensors also indicate itís there."
Janeway: "Magnify. Increase to highest magnification."
eyeofneedle_021.jpgChakotay: "If thatís a wormhole it must be the smallest one on record."
Janeway: "Mister Kim, are you able to analyse it?"
Kim: "Aye Captain. Itís virtually microscopic. The aperture is only about 30 centimetres in diameter."
Paris: "I guess itís a little too small for us to fly through."
Tuvok: "However, it might be large enough to act as a conduit for a
Kim: "Thatís right. It could carry a compressed data transmission to Federation space in minutes."
Janeway: "We still have to find out if it goes anywhere near the Alpha Quadrant. Can you trace itís subspace bearing?"
Kim: "I canít get any directional readings at all. The aperture is too
Tuvok: "I recommend we launch a microprobe into the wormhole."
eyeofneedle_023.jpgJaneway: "Agreed. Do it, Lieutenant."
Tuvok: "Aye Captain."
Kim: "Receiving telemetry."
Paris: "Doesnít look like any wormhole Iíve ever studied."
Kim: "Microscopic gravitational eddies, extremely constricted
spatial dimensions. Pathwayís barely wider than the probe itself."
Janeway: "I think what weíre seeing is a eyeofneedle_038.jpgwormhole in an advanced state of decay. Must be ancient. Probably been collapsing for centuries."
Paris: "Does that mean we canít send a message through it?"
Kim: "No, I can do it. Maybe itíll take longer to get through, but the wormholeís still stable enough to carry a transmission."
Chakotay: "Any idea yet where that message would end up,
eyeofneedle_058.jpgKim: "Iíll try extrapolating the verteron exit vector. No, I canít get it. Thereís a strange phase variance in the radiation stream. Weíll have to wait until the probe exits.
Janeway: That shouldnít take long."
Paris: "Captain, Iím getting a distorted energy reading."
Tuvok: "The probeís telemetry has changed."
Kim: "Itís stuck!"
eyeofneedle_063.jpgJaneway: "Stuck?"
Kim: "Itís mired in a gravitational eddy, and because the wormholeís in a state of collapse, those eddies are incredibly dense. That probe will never break free, Captain, and weíll have no way of finding out where the wormhole ends."
Janeway: "Letís give it some time. Maybe it will work itself loose."
Kim: "Captain!"
eyeofneedle_068.jpgJaneway: "What is it, Ensign."
Kim: "Our probe was just scanned. Thereís somebody on the other side of the wormhole."

eyeofneedle_073.jpgBaxter: "Started acting up a couple of days ago. Iíd been working out in the gym, maybe I overdid it."
Doctor: "Is it sore here?"
Baxter: "Yes."
Doctor: "Localised tenderness to the ulna bone, no epidermal damage, moderate oedema. What are the possible diagnoses?"
Kes: "Epicondylitis, strained ligament, torn
eyeofneedle_082.jpgmuscle and hairline fracture."
Doctor: "Thatís exactly right."
Kes: "Iíve studied all the material you gave me. Iím ready for more."
Doctor: "Good. Thereís a great deal more for you to learn. The tricorder indicates this is a small stress fracture."
Baxter: "Can this guy do everything a real doctor does?"
Doctor: "Yes, he can. Activate it and direct the beam here. Thatís
eyeofneedle_090.jpgit. Not quite so fast."
Baxter: "If I had to get treatment for something serious, if I needed surgery for instance, would he be performing it?"
Doctor: "Of course, and quite expertly too."
Baxter: "I donít know. Iíd have to think twice about that."
Doctor: "Fine. And if you were lucky you wouldnít die on the table while you were making up your mind. That should do it. How does it
Baxter: "Not bad. Thanks."
Kes: "Doctor, did you notice how rudely that officer treated you?"
Doctor: "No more so than most."
Kes: "You mean others act that way too."
Doctor: "Letís just say Iíve become accustomed to being treated as a hypospray. Now, hereís some material on first aid for burns."
eyeofneedle_100.jpgKes: "Doctor, I think Iíd like to do more than study first aid. Iíd be interested in knowing more about anatomy and physiology."
Doctor: "Youíre intellectually curious. I like that. These deal with human anatomy and physiology, but they werenít written for the layman. Theyíre quite technical."
Kes: "I understand. Iíll do my best. And I really appreciate your help."

eyeofneedle_120.jpgTorres: "Well it is going to work, Starfleet, so pretty soon theyíre going to know youíre all right."
Kim: "How about you. Any family?"
Torres: "I havenít seen my father since I was five. He and my mother separated. He went back to Earth and that was the last I saw of him."
Kim: "And your mom?"
eyeofneedle_125.jpgTorres: "I think sheís on the Klingon Homeworld."
Kim: "You think?"
Torres: "We didnít get along very well. Okay, the signal generator should be tuned to the probeís long range sensors."
Kim: "Isnít there anyone back home whoíll be worried about you?"
Torres: "The Maquis are as to a close family as Iíve ever had. Most of my friends are here on the ship, so no, thereís no one back home whoís going to care one way or the other whether Iím alive. Weíre ready to transmit."

eyeofneedle_141.jpgJaneway: "You have the bridge, Commander."
"Mister Tuvok."
"Iím getting something, Captain..."
"Iím getting it too. A subspace signal relayed through the probe."
"That signal is being transmitted at exactly the same frequency and amplitude as our signal. Itís a response. Someone received our transmission and sent one back, and their signal originated in the Alpha Quadrant."

eyeofneedle_155.jpgJaneway: "Captain's log, supplemental. Encouraged by his success in transmitting a signal to the Alpha Quadrant, Mister Kim is investigating the possibility of establishing a voice link with whoever is at the other end of the wormhole."

eyeofneedle_157.jpgKes: "If there were a member of the crew whose needs werenít being met would you want to know about it?"
"Of course. Kes, do you and Neelix feel that your needs are being ignored?"
"Of course not, weíre very happy here. Iím referring to the Doctor."
"The Doctor."
eyeofneedle_160.jpgKes: "I donít understand why people treat him the way they do."
"How do people treat him?"
"As though he doesnít exist. They talk about him while heís standing right there. They ignore him, they insult him."
"Well as a matter of fact, Iíve been hearing the other side of the coin. Many of the crew have complained that the Doctor is brusque, even rude, that he lacks any bedside manner. Weíve been eyeofneedle_165.jpgtalking about re-programming him."
"You can do that? It doesnít seem right."
"Kes, heís only a hologram."
"Heís your Medical Officer, heís alive."
"No heís not."
"Heís self aware, heís communicative, he has the ability to learn."
eyeofneedle_179.jpgJaneway: "Because heís been programmed to do that."
"So because heís a hologram he doesnít have to be treated with respect or any consideration at all?"
"Very well, Iíll look into it."
"Thank you, Captain."

eyeofneedle_186.jpgJaneway: "Letís see what happens. This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager. Do you read?"
Torres: "Iíll narrow the filter band paths some more. Try again Captain."
Janeway: "This is Kathryn Janeway of the Federation ship Voyager. Is anyone receiving this communication?"
Telek (Over Comm): "vessel "
eyeofneedle_187.jpgKim: "Narrow the band paths some more. Try again, Captain."
Janeway: "This is Janeway. Please repeat your last transmission."
Telek: "cargo vessel quadrant. your location."
Janeway: "Cargo vessel, weíre still trying to clear up your last transmission. Please repeat one more time."
Telek: "I am Captain of the cargo vessel Talvath, location Alpha quadrant sector one three eight five. What is your location?"
eyeofneedle_188.jpgJaneway: "Weíre in the Delta Quadrant., but since this quadrant hasnít been charted I canít specify our exact location."
Telek: "Please confirm. You said Delta Quadrant?"
Janeway: "Correct."
Telek: "In a Federation Starship?"
Janeway: "Yes. We were on a mission and we got pulled into this quadrant."
eyeofneedle_195.jpgTelek: "Pulled in? How?"
Janeway: "Itís a complicated story. Please, if you would just try deconstructing the phase shift of our hailing frequency you could verify."
Telek: "You are undoubtedly still in the Alpha quadrant. What are your co-ordinates?"
Janeway: "I assure you I am telling you the truth. We are in the
eyeofneedle_201.jpgDelta quadrant, seventy thousand light years from you."
Telek: "This is preposterous. You are obviously lying. I am terminating communication."
Janeway: "No, no, wait! Kim! Hail them again."
Kim: "No response, Captain."
Chakotay: "Why would he have broken off transmission?"
Tuvok: "Perhaps I can offer an explanation. The comm. link
eyeofneedle_205.jpgsignature of his transmission indicates the message originated from a Romulan ship. Further, there are no known shipping lanes in the sector he identified. Given the precise calibration of his signal I would suggest he is in fact on board a science vessel."
Paris: "Why would he pretend to be a cargo captain."
Chakotay: "If heís engaged in some kind of secret research he might want to conceal that fact."
eyeofneedle_207.jpgTuvok: "Precisely. When we claimed to be transmitting from the Delta Quadrant, an impossibility so far as he knows, he may have feared we were Federation spies.
Torres: "Just our luck, we raise one ship from the Alpha Quadrant and it has to be Romulan."
Janeway: "That Romulan still has the ability to get a message to Starfleet. Mister Kim, hail the Talvath repeatedly. Call me the minute you re-establish contact. Commander, you have the bridge."
Chakotay: "Aye, Captain."

eyeofneedle_225.jpgJaneway: "Computer, initiate Emergency Medical Holographic Programme."
Doctor: "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."
Janeway: "There is no emergency, Doctor."
Doctor: "Well, thatís good. I was right in the middle of preparing a culture to test Lt Hargrove for Arethian flu when Ensign Kyoto deactivated me."
eyeofneedle_226.jpgJaneway: "Iím sure she didnít realise you were busy."
Doctor: "What is it you wanted, Captain."
Janeway: "Actually, I thought we might just talk for a moment."
Doctor: "About what?"
Janeway: "Doctor, you were originally programmed to serve in a limited fashion during an emergency. Now youíre being asked to do much more."
eyeofneedle_229.jpgDoctor: "Thatís certainly true. Iím providing full time medical service for the entire shipís crew, functioning both as doctor and nurse, and now as an instructor as well."
Janeway: "You donít have the luxury of thinking of yourself as am emergency medical programme any more. Youíve become a full-fledged member of the crew."
Doctor: "I see. Are you suggesting that I be re-programmed?"
eyeofneedle_232.jpgJaneway: "No. Iím asking if thereís anything I can do to help you."
Doctor: "Help me?"
Janeway: "If thereís anything you need, or want, Iíd like to see that you get it."
Doctor: "What Iíd like is to be turned off when people leave. I spend hours here with absolutely nothing to do. When someone does remember to deactivate me they do so without asking if itís
eyeofneedle_241.jpgconvenient. Itís extremely irritating."
Janeway: "What if I gave you control over your deactivation sequence?"
Doctor: "I beg your pardon?"
Janeway: "Iím sure we can make it possible for you to turn yourself off, or to prevent being turned off."
Doctor: "I might like that."
eyeofneedle_243.jpgJaneway: "Iíll have someone look into it. Anything else?"
Doctor: Iím not sure, Iíll have to give it some thought.
Janeway: "You do that."

eyeofneedle_248.jpgKim (Over Comm): "Captain, weíve got him back. The Romulan."
"Good work. Put him through to my quarters. This is Kathryn Janeway."
Telek (Over Comm):
"This is the cargo vessel Talvath."
"Thank you for answering our hail, Captain. What is your name? How may I address you?"
"Iíd prefer not to give my name."
eyeofneedle_250.jpgJaneway: "Very well, I understand that you must have been sceptical when I told you where we are. I hope youíve been able to verify our position."
"My analysis of your hailing frequency seems to indicate that it originates in the Delta Quadrant, but I am not precluding the possibility that youíve been able to create that illusion somehow."
"To what end?"
eyeofneedle_255.jpgTelek: "Iím not sure. That doesnít negate the possibility."
"How can I assure you of my truthfulness?"
"You say you are a Federation ship. Are you a Starfleet vessel?"
"Yes we are."
"And your mission in the Delta Quadrant?"
"Our mission was originally in the Alpha Quadrant. We eyeofneedle_257.jpgwere pulled against our will to our present location. Now weíre trying to get home."
"Arenít you in fact Starfleet spies , a surveillance mission?"
"Captain, I understand your concern. Naturally the Romulan Empire doesnít want Starfleet spying on itís science vessels, but since weíre seventy thousand light years from Romulan space and a subspace message to Starfleet would take years, I eyeofneedle_263.jpgthink you have to admit that we canít be much of a threat to you. You have nothing to fear from us."
"Soothing words, Captain, but they are only words."
"If we were spies we wouldnít be asking what Iím going to ask you now. We have no way of communicating with Starfleet, with our friends and families. Weíre hoping you might be able to relay a message for us. Our crew is not large. Each of them could eyeofneedle_267.jpgwrite a short personal message. Youíd be welcome to read them all before passing them on. I think youíd be convinced that theyíre nothing more than the heartfelt words of some very lonely people."
"Captain, it would ease my apprehension if I could see that you are who you say you are. I have a signal amplifier on board. Iíve been working to reconfigure the protocols to penetrate the radiation stream of the wormhole. I think it might be possible to establish a eyeofneedle_272.jpgvisual link between us."
"I have no objection. When thatís done, will you help us?"
"I make no promises. Let us proceed one step at a time. Have your officers contact me in order to attempt the visual link. Goodnight."

eyeofneedle_273.jpgTuvok: "Weíre ready to try a visual link with the Romulan ship, Captain."
"Good work."
"We didnít have any trouble configuring the protocols, but that phase variance in the radiation stream gave us a few problems. Torres is going to balance it manually from Engineering."
"Okay, weíve got the communications frequency locked in."
eyeofneedle_274.jpgJaneway: "On screen."
Telek (on Viewscreen):
"I presume you are Captain Janeway."
"Yes. I want to thank you, Captain, for maintaining contact with us. It means a great deal to me and to my crew."
"I am not familiar with this class of ship."
"Itís new, but it isnít classified. Iím a little surprised your intelligence hasnít provided you with the information."
eyeofneedle_292.jpgTelek: "Iíve been in space for over a year, Captain, and am not privy to the latest intelligence, but Iím sure that our operatives provided the government with detailed information about your new ship."
"No doubt. Captain, have you been able to communicate with your government about sending on our messages?"
"I have. Theyíve promised to take the matter under advisement."
eyeofneedle_294.jpgJaneway: "I see. And when do you think they will have an answer?"
"It is impossible to predict the time table of the Romulan Senate. When theyíve made their decision I will hear from them."
"We donít have the luxury of a great deal of time. My officers are predicting that the probe will become inoperable within the next forty eight hours.
eyeofneedle_296.jpgTelek: Captain, I am a low ranking scientist. A minor functionary. It is not my place to tell the Romulan Senate to speed up their decision making process."
"You said youíve been in space for over a year. Have you any family?"
"I assume they are not with you in space."
eyeofneedle_309.jpgTelek: "My wife and my daughter are on Romulus."
"A daughter. How old is she?"
"She is seven months."
"Then youíve never seen her."
"To my sorrow, no. Sheíll be two years old before I get back
Janeway: You must miss your family very much.
"I knew when I accepted this assignment that there would be eyeofneedle_316.jpga price to pay." Perhaps I didnít realise how high that price would be."
"Captain. Everyone of us on this ship has left behind friends, family, loved ones. We may not see them again for years, maybe never, so we can all understand how lonely you must be. Surely you must understand our feelings as well. We would be deeply grateful for any efforts you might make to persuade your eyeofneedle_318.jpggovernment to send our messages."
"I cannot guarantee success but I will try to persuade my superiors to make their decision quickly and positively."
"Thank you."
"I will contact you again."

eyeofneedle_345.jpgKes: "Then you havenít heard?"
"Heard what?"
"That we might be getting back soon."
"If thereís one thing you can count on, itís that I am the last to be told about anything that happens on this ship."
"Everyoneís talking about it. There may be a way to transport all of us to the Alpha Quadrant. Chief Torres and half of engineering eyeofneedle_356.jpgare working on it right now."
"I see. Well Iíll say goodbye now. I wonít be transporting with the rest of you."
"But canít we download your programme and take it with us?"
"My programme is fully integrated into the sickbay system. At present I cannot be downloaded."
"Thank you for everything."
eyeofneedle_363.jpgDoctor: "Wait, Iíd like .. that is, could I ask a favour of you?"
"If you do leave, before you go would you check to make sure Iíve been deactivated."
"I promise."

eyeofneedle_377.jpgTelek (on Viewscreen): "Congratulations, Captain. Youíve done it. Very impressive.
Janeway: We should run a series of these tests, just to make sure, but we have to act quickly before the probe is crushed.
"I understand."
"Eventually we will have to try transporting a person. One of our crew will beam to your ship if youíll allow it."
eyeofneedle_393.jpgTelek: "Iím afraid I canít permit that, Captain, my government would never allow Starfleet personnel on this ship. I wouldnít want my logs to show that activity."
"Then what would you suggest?"
"Iíll volunteer to transport to your ship and back again."
"But Captain, if we canít transport to your ship, how are we to get back?"
"If the procedure is successful, Iíll arrange for a troop ship to join me that would easily accommodate your crew."
"Very well. Weíll be in touch."

eyeofneedle_427.jpgJaneway: "My first officer, Commander Chakotay. Lieutenant Tuvok, head of security. Chief Engineer Torres and Operations officer Kim."
"My congratulations on your remarkable accomplishment. This is an astonishing breakthrough."
Torres: "For a while there I didnít think you were going make it. There was a strange phase variance in the radiation stream. It eyeofneedle_430.jpgalmost kept us from pulling you through."
"Mister Tuvok, you may begin evacuation procedures."
"I suggest we delay that for the moment, Captain. Iím afraid Iíve found the reason for the unusual phase variance."
"What is it?"
"Captain. What year is it?"
"What year?"
eyeofneedle_438.jpgTuvok: "If you please."
"By your calendar the year is 2351."
Chakotay: But, this is 2371.
"Exactly. Our Romulan visitor is a person out of time. He is showing clear evidence of temporal displacement. I would surmise that the wormhole is a rift not just in space but in time. The unusual phase variance we detected was actually an indication of a temporal shift. We have transported him from twenty years in the past to our present."

eyeofneedle_455.jpgTorres: "Iíve gone over and over the transporter logs. Thereís no question that if we try to transport ourselves through that wormhole weíll end up twenty years in the past."
"Then lets do it. Itís better than trying to spend the next seventy years trying to get back."
"How can we do that? Youíd be going back to a time when you were only two years old."
eyeofneedle_458.jpgJaneway: "I know youíre disappointed, Harry, we all are. It seemed we were so close. But clearly we canít go back. It would pollute the time line to such an extent that the consequences would be unimaginable. Iím afraid weíll have to send you back alone and ask that you not reveal anything that has happened here."
"I can assure you, Captain, that I would not do anything that might contaminate the future and perhaps harm the Romulan eyeofneedle_471.jpgEmpire, but, in twenty years I could alert Starfleet not to launch the mission which sent you here."
"Iím afraid thatís not possible either. Weíve already had a huge impact on this quadrant. People and events here would be drastically affected."
"Iím afraid weíre left with our original request. In twenty years, would you relay our personal messages to Starfleet?"
"Of course. At the proper time I will transmit them. If you should find a way back within my lifetime, Iíll be an old man, but I would welcome a message from you. I am Telek Ramor of the Romulan Astrophysical Academy."
"I promise youíll hear from us. Because we will get back."

eyeofneedle_483.jpgTuvok: "These are our messages."
"I wish you luck on your journey."
"And I thank you for your help. Energize."
"The signalís in the pattern buffer. Transferring to the emitter array."
"Phase variance is out of sync again."
"Compensating. Transport complete, Captain. He made it."
eyeofneedle_484.jpgJaneway: "Iíll tell the crew. They can have the satisfaction of knowing that their messages have reached their families."
"Captain, I did not want to mention this until after our guest had left. I checked the computers databanks for a Romulan scientist named Telek Ramor."
"Iím sorry to report that Doctor Ramor died in 2367."
eyeofneedle_500.jpgJaneway: "That was four years ago!"
"That is correct. Before he would have sent our messages."
"Maybe he left a will telling someone else to transmit the messages. Or he could have given our computer chip to the Romulan Government."
"It is possible. Unfortunately there is no way to know."
"Then letís move on. Weíve got a long way to go."

eyeofneedle_515.jpgBaxter: "I tried a new hamstring exercise. Maybe I overdid it. But my workouts are about all that stand between me and a severe case of cabin fever."
"Lieutenant, I am the Chief Medical Officer of this ship. If you have something to say to me, please, direct the statement to me."
"Well, you see, I need the work out."
eyeofneedle_520.jpgDoctor: "Iím not telling you not to work out. Iím suggesting you use a modicum of commonsense when you do it. If I see you in here again for an exercise related injury, Iíll have to discuss the matter with your superior officer."
"Yes, sir."
"Youíre fine now. You may leave."
"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."
eyeofneedle_525.jpgKes: "I donít think heíll make the mistake of ignoring you again."
"Captain Janeway has made me realise that I must function as more than an emergency medical replacement. I must think of myself as a member of the crew."
Kes: "Youíre absolutely right.
"Iíve prepared a list of things Iíd like to see added to sickbay. Perhaps you could present it to the Captain?"
"Iíd be happy to."
"Thereís one more request, something of a, a personal nature. I would like a name."