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Ex_Post_Facto_012.jpgBanean Doctor: "Let the record show that the sentence of the court has been carried out. For the rest of his natural life, once every fourteen hours, Thomas Eugene Paris will relive the last moments of his victim's life. May the fates have mercy on you, sir."

Ex_Post_Facto_015.jpgKes: "If the hydroxy-proline level is elevated this high, you'd probably call for a pancreatic scan."
"That's exactly what I'd call for. All right then, let's run through the osteographic series again. Just enter the responses you're sure about."
Kes: "So, have you given any more thought to a name?"
"I asked the Captain for one."
Ex_Post_Facto_017.jpgKes: "Why don't you choose one yourself?"
"Choose one myself? Me? Well, that just isn't. Holograms are programmed, Kes. They don't choose anything for themselves."
Kes: "Why not?"
"Because we're not capable of choosing."
Kes: "Well, you choose what medical treatment to give someone."
"I'm programmed with over five million possible treatments, Ex_Post_Facto_023.jpgwith contingency programs and adaptive programs. But it's all programs upon programs upon programs.There's no independent decision making."
Kes: "I don't see the difference."
"The difference is..."
Kes: "I base decisions on information stored inside my brain. How's that so different from the way you access your programs?"
Ex_Post_Facto_024.jpgDoctor: Well, if you put it that way.
Kes: "Do your programs have any names in them?"
"Certainly. I have the names of Starfleet doctors, their patients, medical personnel in historical and literary contexts."
Kes: "So pick a name."
"Just pick one?"
Kes: "Pick a name you like, perhaps from someone who inspires Ex_Post_Facto_025.jpgyou."
"Doctor, Doctor Galen, Doctor Salk. Doctor..."
Kes: "Those are good."
Kes: "Can you see yourself with any of those names?"
"Not exactly."
Kes: "Take your time. After all, you will be that name for the rest of Ex_Post_Facto_027.jpgyour life."
"I never even considered that I had a life."

Ex_Post_Facto_047.jpgTolen Ren: "Come on now, Neeka, stop that racket. They're friends. That's better. That's better. What a good doggy. What a good doggy. Oh, dearest? Are you dressed? We have guests. I should have called. I just don't think of the common courtesies. She's really wonderful about, uh, tolerating my dreadful manners."
Lidell: "So, you've done it to me again."
Tolen Ren: "Yes, dear. I apologize. Oh, Lidell, this is Ensign Harry
Ex_Post_Facto_048.jpgKim and Lieutenant Tom Paris. They're from the other side of the galaxy."
Lidell: "Hello."
Paris: "Nice to meet you."
Lidell: "You might have called."
Tolen Ren: "You're absolutely right. Do you have enough to feed us all, or shall we go out?"
Ex_Post_Facto_050.jpgLidell: "No, it's fine. I have some leftover rolk from yesterday. I'll just throw it in the stew."
Tolen Ren: "Wonderful. Gentlemen, make yourselves at home. I'm going to put on my slippers. Lidell will take good care of you."
Lidell: "Would you like a drink?"
Kim: "Sure."
Lidell: "Help yourself."
Ex_Post_Facto_060.jpgParis: "What are you looking at?"
Kim: "Not the same thing that you're looking at, that's for sure."
Paris: "What are you looking at?"
Lidell: "If it's spoiled, Neeka wouldn't eat it."

Ex_Post_Facto_081.jpgJaneway: "Come in."
Neelix: "You sent for me, Captain."
Janeway: "Lieutenant Paris has gotten himself into trouble. I'm taking the ship into orbit while we try to sort things out."
Neelix: "Be prepared to be intercepted by Numiri patrols. They always try to intimidate travellers to the Banean planet."
Janeway: "The stakes are too high to send a shuttlecraft this time.
Ex_Post_Facto_082.jpgI want to show our flag to make it clear we mean business."
Neelix: "I understand."
Janeway: "Based on your experience what can we expect the Numiri to do to intimidate us?"
Neelix: "To be honest, whenever I saw the Numiri coming, I always left before the intimidation began. However, I know from, knowledgeable sources that they have directed energy weapons
Ex_Post_Facto_087.jpgcomparable to your own, er, our own, that is. Ah, plus regenerative shields that may even give them a certain advantage over us in a firefight."
Janeway: "Tell me about them as a people. Are they aggressive, technical, intellectual, emotional? Anything that might help me deal with them."
Neelix: "The Numiri and the Banea are quite different from one another even though they once coexisted on the same planet."

Ex_Post_Facto_089.jpgChakotay: "We're scanning a Numiri vessel approaching. They're at combat readiness, Captain."
"Shields up. On screen. Mister Neelix."
Neelix: "Standard patrol vessel. Curious."
Neelix: "I would've expected them to send out more than one tiny patrol to meet a ship like this."
Ex_Post_Facto_090.jpgJaneway: "Let's hope it's a positive sign. Hail them."
Tuvok: "They're responding."
"Open a channel. I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager."
Numiri Captain (On viewscreen):
"What is your business in this system?"
"One of my crewmen is being held on the Banean planet. Ex_Post_Facto_091.jpgWe're on our way to investigate."
Numiri Captain:
"Consider this official notice that you are entering a war zone. You do so at your own risk."
Numiri Captain:
"Any attempt to provide aid or supplies to the Banea will be considered an act of war against the Numiri."
"You have my word that we intend to remain neutral in your conflict. Our only interest is in our own crewman."
Ex_Post_Facto_093.jpgNumiri Captain: "Proceed. Your activities will be monitored."
Neelix: "Very, very curious. In Numiri terms, that greeting was downright friendly."
"Have all security stations remain at full alert. Continue long range scans for Numiri patrols around the clock."
"Aye, Captain."
"Take us into orbit."

Ex_Post_Facto_103.jpgParis: "That rehab colony back in New Zealand doesn't seem so bad right now."
Tuvok: "Lieutenant, did you murder Professor Ren?"
Paris: "No!"
Janeway: "But the victim's own eyes identified."
Paris: "You don't have to tell me what the victim's own eyes saw, Captain. I don't understand it either, but I did not kill him."
Ex_Post_Facto_104.jpgTuvok: "Were you having improper relations with his wife?"
Paris: "Their marriage was over. She told Ren they were finished the same day he was killed."
Tuvok: "That does not answer my question."
Paris: "Nothing happened between us. Almost nothing."
Janeway: "Tom, it's very important you tell us everything. Harry said you spent some time with Mrs. Ren while he and the professor
Ex_Post_Facto_105.jpgwere working."
Paris: "I was bored. You know how it is when two science guys get together."
Lidell: "No, Tom! Don't!"
Paris: "No, I..."
Lidell: "Stop! No!"
Paris: "I came out of the other room, looked over and saw her in the Ex_Post_Facto_107.jpgatrium. Her eyes were a million kilometres away, staring at stars I'd just flown by the day before."
Paris: "Smoking is a bad habit. My species gave it up centuries ago when we finally got it into our heads it was killing us."
Lidell: "You must be a very superior species."
Paris: "That's not what I meant."
Lidell: "Maybe I kill myself slowly because I don't have the courage
Ex_Post_Facto_109.jpgto do it quickly."
Paris: "Now, why would you go and say a thing like that?"
Lidell: "Don't."
Paris: "What?"
Lidell: "Don't get involved, Lieutenant."
Paris: "I was just trying."
Lidell: "You'll be sorry."
Ex_Post_Facto_112.jpgParis: "Look, I was just bored to tears in the other room and I thought you might like to talk."
Lidell: "Why don't you go ahead and ask me?"
Paris: "Ask you what?"
Lidell: "What you've been wanting to ask me all night. What they all want to ask me. Why I'd marry a man old enough to be my father."
Ex_Post_Facto_113.jpgParis: "I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been wondering."
Lidell: "He was good to me. A lot of other men weren't."
Paris: "That sounds like a good enough reason to me."
Lidell: "He's a good man. I would never do anything to hurt him."
Paris: "I guess that makes you a good woman."
Janeway: "What's going on?"
Paris: "No! No!"
Ex_Post_Facto_124.jpgTuvok: "Apparently, he's entering another cycle."
Janeway: "Is this normal?"
Banean Doctor: "We had some problems integrating the Banean engrams into his alien neurology. This is the first time he's lost consciousness since the implant."
Janeway: "I'd like to take him back with us to our medical facility."
Minister Kray: "I'm sorry, but I can't authorize that."
Ex_Post_Facto_128.jpgBanean Doctor: "Perhaps we should consider her request, Minister. We don't want to risk general synaptic failure. Their doctors might be better suited to stabilize his condition."
Minister Kray: "All right, but you're not to leave orbit with him."
Janeway: "Minister, we don't intend to leave orbit until we prove his innocence."
Tuvok: "Away team to Voyager. Three to beam up."

Ex_Post_Facto_143.jpgTuvok: "Mrs. Ren."
Lidell: "Yes?"
Tuvok: "I'm Lieutenant Tuvok of the Starship Voyager. Would you mind if I asked you a few questions?"
Lidell: "Are you a friend of Tom's?"
Tuvok: "I am the Starfleet chief of security investigating his alleged participation in your husband's murder."
Ex_Post_Facto_144.jpgLidell: "Stop it, Neeka! She just doesn't like strangers."
Tuvok: "Based on your testimony, I assume this is where the murder occurred."
Lidell: "Yes, right there. I had to have a professional cleaning crew come in to remove the bloodstain."
Tuvok: "You chose to remain in the house after an act of such violence occurred?"
Ex_Post_Facto_146.jpgLidell: "This has been my home for over ten years, Mister Tuvok. Do you really find that so hard to believe?"
Tuvok: "I'm a Vulcan, Mrs. Ren. By nature, we are a dispassionate people. It is rare to encounter someone as dispassionate as we are."
Lidell: "Dispassionate? Is that how I seem to you? I think you'd get an argument from Tom Paris. Can I get you a drink?"
Ex_Post_Facto_148.jpgTuvok: "Thank you, no."
Lidell: "Mind if I have one?"
Tuvok: "Please. You testified at the trial that you and your husband had an argument the afternoon before he was killed."
Lidell: "I never said there was an argument, Lieutenant. Have you ever had to end a marriage?"
Tuvok: "No."
Ex_Post_Facto_152.jpgLidell: "Are you married?"
Tuvok: "My wife and I have been married for sixty seven years."
Lidell: "I'm sure she's a fine, dispassionate woman. I hope you never have to find out for yourself, but I can tell you, ending a marriage - it's a quiet thing. The arguments are long over and there's really nothing much left to say at all."
Tuvok: "May I ask why you decided at this time to end your
Ex_Post_Facto_153.jpgmarriage to Professor Ren?"
Lidell: "Because I was attracted to another man. I didn't want to deceive my husband."
Tuvok: "That other man was Lieutenant Paris. Lieutenant Paris would have been departing this planet in a few days, and yet you left your husband of ten years for him."
Lidell: "Meeting Tom gave me the push I needed. I already knew in
Ex_Post_Facto_154.jpgmy heart that it was time to start over."
Tuvok: "Exactly when did you see Mister Paris on the day of the murder?"
Lidell: "I went to see him at the engineering institute after I talked with my husband. Once I was free, I knew he wanted to be with me."
Tuvok: "How did you know?"
Lidell: "A woman knows, Lieutenant."

Ex_Post_Facto_165.jpgJaneway: "Evasive pattern, Beta one four zero. Dual attack mode."
Chakotay: "Evasive pattern confirmed."
Kim: "They're attempting to lock a tractor beam on us."
Neelix: "That is a standard tactic for the Numiri when they intend to board your vessel. Well, at least now you know I was telling the truth about them, Captain. Although I take no pleasure in being right, mind you."
Ex_Post_Facto_168.jpgJaneway: "But why now? Why an unprovoked attack? What are they after?"
Neelix: "The Numiri have never needed an excuse to attack anyone."
Kim: "Shields at ninety percent and holding."
Janeway: "Commander, prepare to initiate attack manoeuvre kappa zero one zero."
Ex_Post_Facto_170.jpgChakotay: "Captain, if you don't mind, there's a Maquis trick we sometimes use to get out of situations like this."
Janeway: "Be my guest."
Chakotay: "B'Elanna. Remember Teluridian 4, the two Starfleet runabouts?"
Torres: "I'm with you. Blowing out the dorsal phase emitters. Torres to Engineering."
Ex_Post_Facto_171.jpgCrewman (Over Comm): "Go ahead."
Torres: "Vent a couple of LN2 exhaust conduits along the dorsal emitters. Make it look like we're in serious trouble."
Crewman (Over Comm): "Understood."
Chakotay: "Cut all engines."
Torres: "Engines off-line."
Chakotay: "Tuvok, lock phasers on their navigational deflectors."
Ex_Post_Facto_176.jpgTuvok: "Acknowledged. Numiri ships are closing, four thousand kilometres."
Janeway: "Not to belittle Maquis tactics, Commander, but this is a very old trick."
Chakotay: "It worked against those Starfleet runabouts."
Janeway: "You're lucky I wasn't commanding one of them."
Tuvok: "Two thousand kilometres."
Ex_Post_Facto_177.jpgChakotay: "Besides, out here in the Delta quadrant every old trick is new again."
Tuvok: "One thousand five hundred kilometres."
Kim: "They're sending out tractor beams again."
Chakotay: "That's our cue. Fire phasers. Engage impulse engines."
Tuvok: "Both Numiri vessels are disabled, Captain."
Janeway: "That's one trick you won't be able to use again when we
Ex_Post_Facto_178.jpgget back."
Chakotay: "I have more."
Janeway: "Cancel red alert. Take us into high orbit."
Neelix: "Captain. More Numiri will be coming, I promise you."
Janeway: "Mister Tuvok. Any progress with your investigation?"
Tuvok: "Based on the A.R.A, I am convinced Lieutenant Paris believes what he is saying. However, I can offer no tangible evidence
Ex_Post_Facto_179.jpgon his behalf. Considering the urgency of the situation, I believe the only logical alternative at this time is to witness the crime myself."
Chakotay: "Yourself?"
Tuvok: "I propose a mind meld with Lieutenant Paris."
Neelix: "A, a what? What, what did he say? A mind what?"

Ex_Post_Facto_184.jpgDoctor: "Let me tell you something, Lieutenant. Believe it or not, I know more about mind melds than you do. I know what every Vulcan doctor has said in every study of mind melds, and I still cannot tell you what will happen if you do this. If these cycles cause damage to a human brain, there's no telling what the risk might be to a Vulcan."
Tuvok: "I've examined your neurological reports, Doctor, and I
Ex_Post_Facto_191.jpgbelieve the risk is acceptable."
Janeway: "Tuvok."
Tuvok: "Captain, the answers I seek can only be found in the eyes of the murdered man. It may be our only chance to prove Lieutenant Paris innocent."
Kes: "Tom?"

Ex_Post_Facto_184.jpgLidell: "Tolen!"
Tolen Ren: "Now I understand."
Paris: "I'd better be on my way."
Lidell: "You don't have to go, Tom. He's got no right."
Tolen Ren: "No right? This is my home. You come into my home and steal my wife, and I have no right?"
Paris: "That's not the way it happened."
Tolen Ren: "We'll see what your captain has to say about this. When I'm finished with you, you'll never wear that uniform again."
Paris: "I can't let you do that."
Lidell: "No, Tom, don't! Stop! No!"

Ex_Post_Facto_217.jpgJaneway: "This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager. You have illegally seized one of our shuttlecraft."
Numri Captain (On Viewscreen):
"I warned you that you were entering a war zone at your own risk."
Janeway: "Yes, we appreciated that warning and took appropriate precautions. If you read the sensor readouts in front of you, you will see that the shuttle is carrying forty tons of thalmerite explosives, Ex_Post_Facto_219.jpgenough to destroy your ship. I'm prepared to detonate those explosives in thirty seconds if you do not release our vessel. End transmission."
"The shuttle's being released. The Numiri ship is withdrawing."
Janeway: "Tractor the shuttle and take us into low orbit. Cancel red alert. Mister Paris, how soon before your next cycle?"
Ex_Post_Facto_220.jpgParis: "Seven hours."
Janeway: "That should be enough time to clear this up. Mister Tuvok, this is your show now."
"With your permission, I would like to invite all interested parties to meet at the scene of the murder in two hours."
Janeway: "I'll invite the minister myself."

Ex_Post_Facto_221.jpgTuvok: "Lieutenant Paris was not the man Professor Ren saw before he was murdered."
Minister Kray:
"Not the man? But it was clearly established at the trial."
"It is true, Paris's image was seen in the memories examined during the trial. However, that is because someone altered the engrams from Professor Ren's brain."
Ex_Post_Facto_222.jpgBanean Doctor: "But that simply isn't possible for this procedure."
"I would suggest, sir, that there is no such thing as a technology that is entirely safe from tampering."
"You're forgetting one thing. I was here and I saw him do it."
"On the contrary. I have not forgotten your statement, Mrs. Ren. However, I now know it is clearly false."
"Just what was in that tea you gave me, Lidell?"
Ex_Post_Facto_223.jpgMinister Kray: "Is this just idle speculation, or do you have some evidence?"
"Mister Paris, would you please stand next to Mrs. Ren?"
"What for?"
"If you wouldn't mind. The man Professor Ren observed with his wife was virtually equal in height to her. Clearly, Lieutenant Paris is several centimetres taller."
Ex_Post_Facto_225.jpgLidell: How do you know what my husband saw?
"Vulcans have the ability to meld telepathically with another's mind. I observed your husband's memories as Lieutenant Paris went through a cycle. I watched as the killer stabbed Professor Ren right here, through the intercostal space between the eighth and ninth right ribs, the exact location of the Banean heart. The killer clearly knew Banean anatomy. Lieutenant Paris did not."
Ex_Post_Facto_226.jpgBanean Doctor: "Are we supposed to take your word for all of this?"
"There is additional evidence. For example, we can now say for certain that Professor Ren was murdered by a Numiri agent."
Minister Kray:
"Lieutenant, did you notice the stream of symbols and numbers that were superimposed on the images?"
Ex_Post_Facto_228.jpgParis: "Symbols? Well, yeah, I guess I did. I didn't know what they meant. I thought they were part of the procedure."
"In researching this procedure, I found no other reference to this phenomenon. I have now confirmed that these symbols and numbers were equations taken from Professor Ren's weapons research. Someone intended them to be delivered to the Numiri."
Minister Kray:
"You're saying somebody used his brain to send Ex_Post_Facto_233.jpgsecret data to our enemy?"
"He was a logical courier. The Numiri agents knew he could leave the planet's surface without raising suspicion. The Numiri made two attempts to gain access to Mister Paris. They attacked just after he returned to Voyager, and then again when he was in the shuttle."
"Someone on the surface had to be informing the Numiri Ex_Post_Facto_234.jpgof Lieutenant Paris's movements."
Minister Kray:
"Do you know who did this?"
"You knew when Mister Paris would be in transit, Minister. The Doctor is the one who encouraged you to release him to our custody. He is also the one who performed the implant procedure. I know of no one else who had the opportunity and knowledge to carry out this plan."
Ex_Post_Facto_235.jpgBanean Doctor: "I'm not going to listen to any of this."
Minister Kray:
"I really would like you to listen, Doctor."
"Would you please stand again, Mrs. Ren?"
Banean Doctor:
"So we're the same height. It proves nothing. I never saw this woman prior to the death of her husband. I was never even in this house before today."
"You forget the other witness who was here on the night of Ex_Post_Facto_236.jpgthe murder, Doctor. Would you mind asking her to come in? It appears that you are no stranger to Neeka, Doctor."
"He lied to me, Tom. No one was supposed to get hurt. You know I could never do anything to hurt you. "
"Yeah, you could."

Ex_Post_Facto_242.jpgParis: "Tuvok."
"Mister Paris."
"There are some who'd say you risked my future on the eyewitness identification of a dog."
"It seemed a necessary step to ensure a truthful resolution.
Paris: Well, I appreciate you sticking up for me. I owe you one.
"I conducted a criminal investigation. If you had been guilty, Ex_Post_Facto_246.jpgI assure you I would have pursued the truth just as vigilantly. You have no debt to me, Mister Paris."
"How come I always see you down here eating alone, Lieutenant?"
"I prefer to read rather than engage in, what do humans call it? Short talk?"
"Close enough. You don't make many friends that way."
Paris: Well, like it or not, you've made one today, Mister Tuvok