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Prime_Factors_000.jpgTorres: "What?"
Seska: "Iíve seen that look before. Ensign Murphy had better watch out."
Torres: "I happen to know that Murphy is seeing one of the Delaney sisters."
Seska: "Not since Harry and Tom Paris made their move."
Torres: "Harry? And the Delaney sisters? He would have told me."
Prime_Factors_001.jpgSeska: "I guess there are some things he keeps to himself."
Torres: "Harry? Is it true about you and the Delaney sisters?"
Kim: "Is what true."
Seska: "Come on Harry, there arenít any secrets on a ship this small."
Kim: "What have you been telling people?"
Paris: "Well, we did take that trip to Venice with them."
Prime_Factors_003.jpgKim: "The holodeck? You gotta be kidding. That lasted all of fifteen minutes."
Paris: "Yeah, you know, Iíve been meaning to ask you. What happened when you and Jenny Delaney disappeared in that gondola?"
Kim: "Nothing."
Torres: "Harry, weíre your friends. You can tell us."
Prime_Factors_006.jpgKim: "Nothing. We talked, and then I fell over the side."
Seska: "You fell out of the gondola?"
Paris: "I think maybe Harry wasnít quite prepared for how voracious Jenny Delaney can be."

Prime_Factors_010.jpgJaneway: "Report, Commander."
Chakotay: "The subspace distress signal is coming from a vessel bearing one two five mark two one. Distance two hundred thousand kilometres."
Kim: "Captain, sensors indicate five lifeforms aboard."
Tuvok: "The vessel is altering itís course to intercept us."
Janeway: "Go to yellow alert and slow to impulse. Hail them Mister Kim."
Prime_Factors_012.jpgKim: "Aye Captain."
Janeway: "This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager. What is the nature of your emergency?"
Gath [on viewscreen]: "We have no emergency."
Janeway: "But youíre sending out a distress call."
Gath (on viewscreen): "Yes, we are."
Janeway: "Why?"
Gath: "Because you are in distress."

Prime_Factors_024.jpgJaneway: "Mr Labin, it really isnít necessary to go to all this trouble."
Gath: "Please. Call me Gath. And I promise you I would like nothing better than to prepare a few of our newest delicacies for you. Ah, this will be perfect."

Neelix: "Captain, Iím serving lunch in less that two hours."
Janeway: "We wonít be long, Neelix. This is Mr., this is Gath. Heís
Prime_Factors_025.jpgfrom Sikaris."
Neelix: "Oooh! Sikaris!"
Janeway: "Do you know the planet?"
Neelix: "Only stories about their incredible hospitality."
Janeway: "Tell me, how do you know about us?"
Gath: "Our people are very well travelled. Some of them have brought back stories about the ship of aliens from another part of
Prime_Factors_026.jpgthe galaxy. People lost and alone, struggling to find their way home again."
Janeway: "This is wonderful."
Gath: "And I decided to come and meet you and offer you respite."
Tuvok: "Respite?"
Gath: A vacation, if you will. Get away from the confines of the ship, enjoy the beauty of our landscape, meet and talk with interesting,
Prime_Factors_028.jpglearned people."
Kes: "And the crew would certainly welcome a little shore leave, Captain."
Neelix: "And I hear the Sikarans have a huge variety of edible plants. If we could collect some seeds, weíd expand our selection significantly."
Janeway: "Sounds like all this would increase performance and
maximise efficiency, donít you think, Mister Tuvok?"
Tuvok: "Indeed."
Janeway: "Well Gath, looks like youíre getting visitors. Weíll set a course and follow you in."
Gath: "I could not be happier."

Prime_Factors_037.jpgGath: "If you see anything you like, just let me know."
Janeway: "What is this material? Itís so delicate."
Gath: "Exquisite, isnít it? Itís the latest import from Vedestris. Itís spun from the petals of a flower that blooms only in moonlight. Shall I have a dress made for you?"
Janeway: "Itís lovely but, no, thank you."
Gath: "Is it so hard for you to accept a gift?"
Prime_Factors_039.jpgJaneway: "Alright, but something small. Maybe a scarf?"
Gath: "What a curious people you are. Tell me would it help if I said you could have an entire wardrobe made from these beautiful fabrics and that it would give all of us great pleasure to create it for you."
Janeway: "Letís start with the scarf."
Gath: "As you like. Which cloth do you prefer?"
(Eudana plays chimes)
Prime_Factors_040.jpgKim: "Thatís beautiful. Are you a musician?"
Eudana: This isnít a musical instrument. Itís an atmospheric sensor. The frequency of the chimes indicates changes in weather conditions."
Kim: "Then it must work on a principle of non-linear resonance, adjusting to the dynamic variables in the atmosphere."
Eudana: "Thatís exactly right. Are you a scientist?"
Prime_Factors_043.jpgKim: "In a sense. Can you show me how to operate it?"
Eudana: "Iíd be happy to. First, you have to initialise the sub-harmonic mode
Janeway: "Oh, I think this one.
Gath: "When I see you wearing that scarf, my pleasure will be greater than yours.
Janeway: "Well, I should get back. But with your permission, Iíd
Prime_Factors_045.jpglike to start organising teams to Gather plants and seeds."
Gath: "This is my associate Jaret Otel. You may contact him to make any necessary arrangements."
Jaret: "Weíll be glad to assist you in any way, Captain."
Janeway: "Iíll find my officers and weíll return to the ship."
Gath: "Tonight we are having a celebration here. I hope you and your officers will be my guests."
Janeway: "Weíd be delighted."

Prime_Factors_050.jpgJaneway: "Captainís log, Stardate 48642.5. The crew is enjoying an evening on Sikaris. They are discovering, to their delight, that reports of this speciesí hospitality have not been exaggerated."

Prime_Factors_057.jpgKim: "So the whole thing exploded and there we were, seventy thousand light years from home and no way to get back. Felt pretty lonely."
Eudana: "Thatís a very noble story."
Kim: "Noble?"
Eudana: "Stories can be whimsical, frightening or melancholy or many other things. But noble stories are the ones that can most
Prime_Factors_058.jpgaffect our lives. May I have your permission to tell others this story?"
Kim: "Sure. Itís no secret."
Eudana: "But stories are an essential part of every personís being. I would never share one without permission."
Kim: "Go right ahead. Iíve got a few others too."
Eudana: "You do? Come with me. I know a private place where you can tell me all your stories. Stand close to me. Alastria." (They beam away)

Prime_Factors_061.jpgKim: "Where are we?"
Eudana: "The woods of Alastria, my favourite place. I usually come here when I want to spend time alone, but tonight it seemed right to bring you. Now, tell me your stories. All of them."
Kim: "Why is it so much warmer here? What is that?"
Eudana: "The dawn zephyr."
Kim: "Dawn? We just got here. Aahh, that is an amazing feeling.
Prime_Factors_064.jpgWhatís happening?"
Eudana: "The Erosene winds, passion winds, come just before the dawn. The erosene creates euphoria."
Kim: "Iíll say."
Kim: "Why am I seeing two suns?"
Eudana: "Because this is a binary system."
Kim: "But your planet only has one sun."
Prime_Factors_068.jpgEudana: "But Alastria has two."
Kim: "Eudana, where are we?"
Eudana: "I told you, Alastria. A system far from Sikaris."
Kim: "How far?"
Eudana: "Do you have to ask all these questions?"
Kim: "Please, itís important."
Eudana: "Alastria is about two and a half billion times the distance
Prime_Factors_070.jpgbetween Sikaris and itís sun."
Kim: Thatís almost forty thousand light years.
Eudana: "Now, feel the breeze."
Kim: "Um, we have to go back."
Eudana: "Itís still night on Sikaris. We have plenty of time."
Kim: "No, er, weíre going back, and I need you to tell me everything you know about that platform that got us here."

Prime_Factors_091.jpgKim: "Captain! Excuse me for interrupting but Iíve just found out about something incredible."
Janeway: "Calm down Ensign. What is it?"
Kim: "That platform. Itís a transportation device, extremely sophisticated. It operates on the principle of folding space."
Janeway: "Thatís something thatís been theorised, but no oneís ever been able to develop the technology."
Prime_Factors_092.jpgKim: "Well, these people have. Iíve just been to Alastria and back. Alastria is forty thousand light years away."
Gath: "We call it a spatial trajector. We are able to travel to all the planets in this quadrant."
Janeway: How far can it take you?
Gath: "Alastria is at the uttermost limits of itís range."
Kim: "Apparently itís never been used to move anything as large as
Prime_Factors_093.jpgVoyager, but as I understand the principle of space folding, the size of the object isnít relevant."
Janeway: "What do you think? Would it be possible to modify your technology so we could use it?"
Eudana: "I tried to tell him."
Janeway: "What is it?"
Gath: "We cannot share our technology. Once itís out of our control, it might fall into the hands of those who would abuse it, and our canon of laws strictly forbids that."

Prime_Factors_097.jpgKim: "I canít believe theyíre not going to help us. Some kind of hospitality!
Torres: "Forty thousand light years. Even if thatís as far as we could go, it would still knock about four decades off our trip."
Chakotay: "And the possibility exists that we could reconfigure the matrix at that point to take us another thirty thousand light years, right into Federation space."
Prime_Factors_099.jpgTuvok: "Since theyíve already said no, this kind of thinking is only going to make you feel worse."
Janeway: "Itís the first time weíve been on the other side of the fence."
Paris: "What fence?"
Janeway: "The one thatís made of binding principles. We have our own set of rules, which includes the Prime Directive. How many
Prime_Factors_100.jpgtimes have we been in the position of refusing to interfere when some kind of disaster threatened an alien culture. Itís all very well to say we do it on the basis of an enlightened principle, but how does that feel to the aliens? Iím sure many of them think the Prime Directive is a lousy idea. Even we think so sometimes."
Chakotay: "I know of many times when Starfleet personnel have decided on strong ethical grounds to ignore it!"
Prime_Factors_109.jpgKim: "Still, thereís a reason why itís Starfleetís General order number one. On the whole, it does a lot more good than harm."
Tuvok: "Captain, it occurs to me that we know little about the Sikarans. We cannot assume that their first refusal is unalterable. It may be that Ďnoí is a prelude to negotiation."
Torres: "Heís right, maybe they can be reasoned with."
Chakotay: "Maybe they want something. Maybe theyíll bargain."
Prime_Factors_111.jpgParis: "But what do we have to offer? They seem to have everything they need."
Kim: "Stories. Stories are an important part of their culture. They seem to provide more than entertainment. Theyíre kind of a measuring rod of values and beliefs. We have a huge library in our databanks. We could offer them the whole thing. All the great literature of dozens of cultures."
Prime_Factors_113.jpgChakotay: "What do you think, Captain? Would they be interested?"
Janeway: "They just might be. From what weíve seen of them, theyíre a remarkably pleasure oriented people. They might appreciate a gift of literature. Iíll arrange to meet with Gath. As Magistrate he has the authority to make this decision."
Torres: "In the meantime, Iím going to take a look at that trajector platform. Maybe I can figure out how it works."
Prime_Factors_115.jpgJaneway: "Youíll do nothing of the sort, Lieutenant! If I find this law is negotiable, Iíll make every attempt to get the technology, but until then we wonít do anything that might violate their canon of laws as we understand it. Thatís all."
Kim: "Whatís wrong?"
Torres: "I just hope she gets it."
Kim: "She will."

Prime_Factors_134.jpgTorres: "Iíve finished the maintenance check on the shock attenuation cylinders. TheyĎll have to be replaced in another two thousand hours but weíll face that problem when we come to it. Seska!"
Seska: "Sorry. I wasnít concentrating. What did you say?
Torres: "You looked a million light years away.
Seska: "No, only about seventy thousand. My brotherís birthday is
Prime_Factors_137.jpgin four days. Last year I promised Iíd meet him on Nyvok to celebrate with him. Heíll think I broke my promise. That Iím dead. What are you doing?"
Torres: "Iíve been thinking. The folding of space should leave a sub-space residue. If we can detect one, we might be a step closer to knowing how the trajector works."
Seska: "Look at that neutrino dispersion pattern. Could that be a
Prime_Factors_138.jpgresult of space folding?"
Torres: "Maybe. If the device creates a neutrino bubble around whateverís being trajectored."
Carey: "If thatís the case, weíd need a bubble big enough for the ship. Donít worry Lieutenant. Iím with you on this one. After all, it doesnít hurt to theorise."
Seska: "Right. And hypothetically, if we could modify the deflector array to emit phased neutrinos we could create a big enough bubble."
Torres: "Letís give it a try. In theory, of course."

Prime_Factors_146.jpgJaret: "Good evening Ensign. Thank you for coming."
Kim: "Whatís this about?"
Jaret: "I asked Eudana to invite you here because I was sure you would respond to her, and because it would look perfectly natural. I am prepared to accept your collection of literature in exchange for our trajectory technology."
Kim: Is that something youíre authorised to do?"
Prime_Factors_150.jpgJaret: Officially? No. But many people believe that rules should be flexible enough to meet the needs of the moment. There is a great desire here for new stories and I want to be the one to supply them."
Kim: so youíd stand to benefit from this arrangement, right?
Jaret: We will both benefit. I would gain prestige and you would gain forty thousand light years in your journey home, possibly more.
Prime_Factors_151.jpgThis is it, Ensign, the matrix of the trajector."
Kim: "Captain Janeway has asked the Magistrate to send us forty thousand light years."
Jaret: "He wonít. He never had any intention of letting you leave here."
Eudana: "Jaret is right. I know how much it means to you to get home." Please, listen to him."
Jaret: "You must believe me when I tell you this is the only way you will make that journey. Consider my offer. Iím sure you will decide it is a fair one."

Prime_Factors_153.jpgKim: "I donít know what to do. I know weíd all like to get that much closer to home, but I donít think Captain Janeway is going to go for getting the technology like that."
Torres: "Maybe she will. After all itís a Sikaran whoís making the offer."
Paris: "But itís not above board. The Captain is only going to deal with an official representative."
Prime_Factors_156.jpgCrewman (Over Comm): "Bridge to Ensign Kim. The Captain can see you now."
Paris: "Just tell her everything you know. Let her take it from there."
Kim: "Right."
Paris: "Iíll walk you part way. Iím headed for bed."
Torres: "Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this. Itís just not going to work out."
Prime_Factors_157.jpgSeska: "Donít you think thatís up to us?"
Torres: "What does that mean?"
Seska: "It means that we can sit here and let someone make the decision for us, or we can take matters into our own hands. Weíve been offered the grand prize. All we have to do is step up and claim it."
Torres: "Take the technology? Without permission?"
Prime_Factors_159.jpgSeska: "Since when do you talk like that? Do you think that permission is more important than getting us half way home? The Captain is so infatuated with the Sikaran Magistrate she canít think straight. We canít trust that sheís going to make the best decision for all of us. If we do this, weíll need to use engineering to configure the matrix. It would be a lot easier if we knew we could count on you."
Prime_Factors_164.jpgTorres: "Seska, I am a senior officer now. I have responsibilities."
Seska: "And the main responsibility for everyone on this ship is to try to find a way home. Captain Janeway made that clear from the beginning. Thatís our primary mission. Just think about it, thatís all."

Prime_Factors_182.jpgJaneway: "My crew is eager to continue our journey. Once they realised the trajector might bring us 40,000 light years closer to home.
Gath: Why are you so consumed with this desire to get home? I find it difficult to understand.
Janeway: Home is home. Itís where we belong."
Gath: "Couldnít you create a new home here, with us? Can you
Prime_Factors_184.jpgimagine a more delightful place to live, where you could pass your time extracting pleasure from every moment. I promise you, you and I have many such moments to explore."
Janeway: "Yes, but for how long? Iíve seen how quickly you get tired of your pleasures. All that interests you is whatís new and unexplored. After a day or two it becomes commonplace."
Gath: "Yes?"
Prime_Factors_191.jpgJaneway: "We prefer permanence. The reward of relationships that endure and grow deeper with the passing of time."
Gath: "You would loose those notions if you stayed with us."
Janeway: "You may be right. And thatís why we have to leave."
Gath: "We have offered you nothing but hospitality. Is this how you repay us? With an attack on our beliefs?"
Janeway: Iím sorry. I was just trying to illustrate the differences
Prime_Factors_195.jpgbetween us."
Gath: I donít enjoy being judged like this. Itís very upsetting. Not at all pleasurable."
Janeway: "Thatís all you really care about, isnít it? Your pleasure. All your hospitality, your graciousness, it was never about giving us pleasure, itís all been to gratify yourselves. Weíre nothing more than the latest novelty."
Prime_Factors_196.jpgGath: "Youíre hostile, and vicious. You would infect the joyousness of our lives. You must leave immediately."
Janeway: "You never had any intention of helping us, did you?"
Gath: "Of course I did. I did everything in my power to persuade you to stay here."
Janeway: "Janeway to Voyager. One to beam up."

Prime_Factors_200.jpgJaneway: "Cancel all shore leave and recall the away teams. Weíve been asked to leave."
Chakotay: "Aye, Captain."

Prime_Factors_207.jpgSeska: "Iíve downloaded the Federation Library. Itís all on these chips. We know the man to contact, he wants the Library and he doesnít care who gives it to him."
Torres: "Weíre under orders.."
Seska: "BíElanna, right now our people are still fighting Cardassians, dying for our cause. Settlers in the demilitarised zone are still under attack. We made a promise, BíElanna, that weíd all
Prime_Factors_210.jpgstick together until the zone was safe. And I intend to keep that promise."
Carey: "I have a wife, and two little boys. I donít want them to grow up without a father. Iíd do anything to prevent that."
Seska: "Weíre not the only ones. Everyone wants to get back. Theyíre just waiting for someone to act."
Carey: "Iíve been working on the theory that the trajector operates
Prime_Factors_214.jpgwithin a neutrino envelope. If thatís true, I think we can use it as many times as we need, until weíre all the way home."
Seska: "Just think, by tomorrow we could be there."
Torres: "Alright. Letís do it."

Prime_Factors_219.jpgTorres: "Are you crazy? Security will find you out before you get there."
Tuvok: "I altered the security sub-routines. Any attempt to over-ride the lock out would have alerted me to your presence here. Is this Voyagerís library which you intended to trade for the trajector technology?"
Seska: "Yes."
Prime_Factors_228.jpgTuvok: "When I attempted to download it I noticed it had already been accessed."
Torres: "You were going to download it?"
Tuvok: "I will make the exchange with Jaret Otel. Return to your stations. Do what you can to prepare the ship for the matrix. Energise."

Prime_Factors_236.jpgSeska: "Whereís Tuvok?"
Torres: "Heíll be here. We certainly wonít leave without him."
Seska: "Well, whatís keeping him?"
Torres: "Calm down. Youíre going to draw attention to yourself."
Tuvok: "Do not attempt to activate the device until Iíve spoken to Captain Janeway."
Torres: "What are you doing? He said not to activate it!"
Prime_Factors_238.jpgSeska: "Iím not. Iím just going to try the interface simulation. We donít know even if it will interface. We can give ourselves a head start by testing it now."
Torres: "All right. But just a simulation."
Seska: "Itís working."
Carey: "I was right. It operates within a neutrino envelope."
Seska: "The trajector field is bigger than anything weíve created by
Prime_Factors_239.jpgten orders of magnitude."
Carey: "To get a field that size, youíd need an amplifier as big as a planet!"
Seska: "I donít understand. How do they get that kind of amplification?"
Torres: "Iíll show you. Sikaris has a mantle of tetrahedral quartz, twenty kilometres thick. The crystalline structure of the mantle
Prime_Factors_245.jpgseems to focus and amplify the trajector field."
Carey: "If thatís how the power transfer occurs, then once we leave orbit, we loose the ability to traject."
Torres: "We donít have time to test it. Weíll have to try it now, or forget it."
Seska: "Do it!"
Torres: "If there are any compatibility problems.."
Seska: "Then we can abort. This is our only chance."

Prime_Factors_263.jpgJaneway (Over Comm): "Weíre reading a warp core breach up here."
Torres: "Weíre on it Captain, no time to talk. Shut down the matrix!"
Seska: "I canít. Itís not responding."
Carey: "Itís fused!"
Seska: "Plasma temperature at forty three million Kelvins."
Prime_Factors_264.jpgTorres: "Carey, get everybody out!"
Carey: "All right, people, letís go. Move it out! Move out, letís go, right now. Letís go, move it out, fast, right now, keep moving!"
Torres: "I canít unlock it! The command matrix is sealed."
Seska: "Plasma temperature at fifty million Kelvin. Anti-neutrino bombardment has stopped, plasma temperature dropping."
Torres: "We didnít anticipate anti-neutrinos. The trajector could
Prime_Factors_265.jpgnever be compatible with Federation technology."
Seska: "Iíll start erasing the sensor logs. We can blame it on the phase discrepancy."
Torres: "No. Weíre not going to cover this up."
Seska: "Are you crazy? We donít have to take the blame for this!"
Torres: "But weíre going to. We disobeyed orders, gambling that it would pay off. It didnít." And now we just canít pretend that nothing
Seska: "I donít understand. Thereís no need for this."
Torres: "Iím sorry if you donít get it, Seska, but it has something to do with Ö with being able to live with yourself."
Seska: "That doesnít sound like you. Youíve changed."
Torres: "If thatís true, I take it as a compliment."

Prime_Factors_278.jpgTorres: "I take full responsibility for what happened. There were others involved, but I was the senior officer, and the culpability is mine."
Tuvok: "Lieutenant Torres is not precisely correct, Captain. She was not the senior officer involved, I was."
Janeway: "You?"
Tuvok: "It was I who made the exchange. The Federation Library for
Prime_Factors_281.jpgthe Trajector Matrix."
Janeway: "I will deal with you in a moment. I donít have the luxury of throwing you in the brig for the rest of this voyage. I need you. I need every person on this ship. But I want you to know how very deeply you have disappointed me. If there are any further transgressions, even a minor one, you will no longer be an officer on
this crew. Is that clear?"
Prime_Factors_285.jpgTorres: "Yes, Maíam."
Janeway: "Dismissed. I donít even know where to start. I want you to explain to me how you, of all people, could be involved in this."
Tuvok: "It is quite simple, Captain. You have made it clear on many occasions that your highest goal for the crew is to get them home. But in this instance, your standards would not allow you to violate Sikaran law. Prime_Factors_282.jpgSomeone had to spare you the ethical dilemma. I was the logical choice, and so I chose to act."
Janeway: "You did it for me because you knew I couldnít."
Tuvok: "I accept the consequences of my actions. I expect to loose my commission and to be court-martialled when we return to Federation Space."
Janeway: "You are one of my most valued officers and you are my friend. It is vital that you understand me here. I need you, but I also
Prime_Factors_301.jpgneed to know that I can count on you. You are my counsel, the one I turn to when I need my moral compass checked. We have forged this relationship for years and I depend on it. I realise you made a sacrifice for me but itĎs not one I would have allowed you to make. You can use logic to justify almost anything. Thatís itís power, and itís flaw. From now on, bring your logic to me. Donít act on it behind my back."
Tuvok: "You have my word. My logic was not in error, but I was."
Janeway: "Dismissed."