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jetrel_002.jpgNeelix: "He hasnít left me with a single shot."
Gaunt Gary: "In that case pal, call a safety."
Neelix: "Safety?"
Paris: "Itís a defensive strategy. Since you canít make a shot, the idea is to leave the cue ball somewhere on the table where Tuvok canít make a shot either."
Neelix: "Oh, I donít know. It sounds cowardly."
jetrel_007.jpgGaunt Gary: Suit yourself pal, but if you leave Vulcan Slim over here with an open shot heís got a very good chance of running the table."
Neelix: "All right. Safety. Ah ha! Mister Vulcan, letís see you reason your way out of this conundrum. This safety business is a lot more satisfying than I imagined. Iíve left him with an impossible shot."
jetrel_015.jpgTuvok: "The shot may be difficult, Mister Neelix, but to say that it is impossible is an exaggeration."
Neelix: Go ahead then. Call your shot."
Tuvok: "Logic would dictate that if I strike the cue ball properly, it will deflect first off the rear bumper, then the side, striking the eleven ball and causing it to roll directly into the corner pocket."
Paris: "This I have to see."
jetrel_021.jpgTuvok: "Perhaps the shipís stabilizers are not operating at peak efficiency."
Gaunt Gary: "Yeah, and maybe Tom Terrific over here forgot to tell you that Sandrineís table rolls a little to the east."
Neelix: "You should have called a safety."

jetrel_033.jpgNeelix: "You wanted to see me, Captain."
Janeway: "Yes, Neelix. Weíve received a sub-space message from an approaching vessel. Theyíre asking for you."
Neelix: "Me?"
Kim: "The alien ship is entering visual range, Captain."
Janeway: "Slow to impulse. On screen. Do you recognise it?"
Neelix: "Thatís a Haarkonian shuttle."
jetrel_035.jpgChakotay: "Haarkonian?"
Neelix: "My people were at war with them for the better part of a decade. They conquered my homeworld more than fifteen years ago."
Chakotay: "Any idea what the Haarkonians want with you now?"
Neelix: "None at all."
Kim: "The shuttle is hailing us, Captain."
jetrel_045.jpgJaneway: "Open a channel."
Kim: "Channel open."
Janeway: "Iím Captain Katherine Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager. What can we do for you."
Jetrel: "As I stated in my message, Captain, I understand you have a Talaxian called Neelix aboard your vessel."
Neelix: "Iím Neelix. What do you want?
jetrel_053.jpgJetrel: "It is a matter of utmost urgency. However, I would prefer to speak with you privately. Your life may very well depend on it."
Neelix: "Who are you?"
Jetrel: "Forgive me. I am Jetrel. Doctor Maíbor Jetrel."
(Neelix rushes to the turbolift)

jetrel_059.jpgNeelix: "Heís a mass murderer! When I was much younger my family and I lived on a moon called Rinax. A colony with the most temperate climate in the entire Talaxian system. Warm days, balmy nights. Until the Metreon Cascade. A melodic name, isnít it? Especially for a weapon of mass destruction."
Janeway: "And Jetrel was somehow involved with this weapon.
Neelix: "Doctor Jetrel was the scientist who conceived the Metreon
jetrel_065.jpgCascade, then he led the team of scientists who built it."
Janeway: "I see."
Neelix: "In the blink of an eye Rinax was enveloped by a deadly cloud and those lovely days were turned into one endless frigid night. More than three hundred thousand were killed."
Janeway: "But you survived."
Neelix: "I had the good fortune to be on Talax at the time with our
jetrel_071.jpgdefence forces, preparing for an invasion that never came. It wasnít necessary. The day after the cascade was deployed Talax surrendered unconditionally to the Haarkonian Order."
Janeway: "And your family? I am so sorry."

jetrel_074.jpgJaneway: "Doctor Jetrel. Lieutenant Tuvok, my chief of security."
Jetrel: "I have heard of your transporter technology, Captain, but, to experience it first hand is truly remarkable."
Janeway: "Mister Neelix has declined to meet with you."
Jetrel: "Thatís not surprising. Iím afraid Iím not a very popular figure among the Talaxian people."
Tuvok: "May we show you to your quarters?"
jetrel_080.jpgJaneway: "Mister Neelix has given me permission to speak on his behalf. You indicated that he may be in some kind of danger?"
Jetrel: "Yes. Itís imperative that he undergo a compete medical examination."
Janeway: "For what purpose?"
Jetrel: "Our war records show that he was part of the team that returned to Rinax after the cascade in order to evacuate survivors.
jetrel_085.jpgHe was exposed to high concentrations of Metreon isotopes. In recent years several of the rescuers have developed a degenerative blood disease called metremia."
Janeway: "Is it serious?"
Jetrel: "I am afraid that itís fatal. The disease attacks its victims on a molecular level. It may lay dormant for years, but once it manifests itself, it will cause the bodyís atomic structure to undergo
jetrel_088.jpgfission. The cells will begin to disintegrate. My equipment is specifically designed to detect the sub-atomic signature of the disorder."
Tuvok: "May I ask, Doctor, why youíve taken it upon yourself to examine Mister Neelix?"
Jetrel: "Iíve evaluated as many members of the team as possible, collecting data in hopes that one day my research may lead to a cure for metremia. Please, try to persuade Mister Neelix to see me. Each Talaxian I screen brings me one step closer to a cure."

jetrel_099.jpgKes: "Neelix, why didnít you ever tell me about the war?"
Neelix: "Maybe this is one experience that canít be shared. Itís too hard to describe how I feel to someone who didnít see what I saw. Iím sorry."
Kes: "Youíve nothing to be sorry about, Neelix."
Janeway: "Excuse me."
Neelix: "Captain! Back from your doctorís appointment already?"
jetrel_101.jpgJaneway: "Iím afraid I have some disturbing news, Neelix."
Neelix: "Nothing you tell me can make this day more disturbing than itís already been."
Janeway: "According to Jetrel, you were exposed to dangerous levels of Metreon poisoning, and may be at risk of developing a fatal blood disorder. He wants to screen you for the disease."
Neelix: "Er, Captain, please tell Doctor Jetrel that I am touched by
jetrel_104.jpghis tender concern for my state of health but that Iíd rather be immersed in a pit of Kayrilllian eels than examined by him."
Kes: "Neelix, if thereís something wrong with you we should find out."
Neelix: "I donít want that man within ten parsecs of me!"
Janeway: "I understand your feelings, but this is your life weíre talking about."
jetrel_106.jpgNeelix: "Donít either of you find it the slightest bit strange that a man who has made it his lifeís work to develop a weapon to destroy as many Talaxians as possible should suddenly be concerned with this Talaxianís health."
Janeway: "I donít know what his motives are. Maybe heís trying to undo some of the damage his weapon caused? But he seems sincere, Neelix, and at this point I have no reason to doubt him."
jetrel_126.jpgNeelix: "If the disease is fatal, whatís the point of knowing whether I have it or not?
Kes: "Our doctor is the most skilled physician either of us has ever met. If you have this disease he wonít stop until heís found some
way to treat it."
Janeway: "And if Jetrel discovers you donít have the disease at least youíll have peace o
jetrel_129.jpgf mind."
Neelix: "Peace of mind is a relative thing, Captain."
Janeway: "I simply want you to hear what he has to say. Then, if you still donít want him to examine you, no one will force you."
Neelix: "Outnumbered and outflanked. All right then, I surrender."

jetrel_133.jpgJetrel: "The Metreon isotopes are unique. The rate of decay is highly variable. We have found that itís sometimes years before Metremia sets in, and unfortunately..."
Neelix: "Why are you doing this?"
Jetrel: "I beg your pardon?"
Neelix: "Is it all just scientific curiosity, Metreons and isotopes. Or do you feel guilty about what you did.
jetrel_134.jpgJetrel: "Guilty. I do not regret it. I did what had to be done."
Neelix: "Really. It was necessary to vaporize more than a quarter of a million people and to leave thousands of others to be eaten away by Metreon poisoning."
Jetrel: "Would it make any difference if I told you we never thought there would be any radiation poisoning. That anyone close enough to be exposed would be killed by the initial blast. It was unfortunate
jetrel_137.jpgwe were wrong."
Neelix: "Unfortunate! Did you hear that, Captain? It was unfortunate."
Janeway: "Neelix, I think what Doctor Jetrel is trying..."
Jetrel: "No Captain, thatís all right. Iím used to it. Iím simply a scientist. Yes, I developed a weapon, but it was the government and the military leaders who decided to use it, not I."
jetrel_138.jpgNeelix: "That must be a very convenient distinction for you. Does it help you sleep at night?"
Jetrel: "I slept no worse last night than I have any other night for the past fifteen years."
Neelix: What is that supposed to mean?"
Jetrel: "It means I must live with my conscience. It is you who must live with yours. How many did you kill during the war?"
jetrel_141.jpgJaneway: "Gentlemen, please. This is obviously very difficult for both of you but we are not here to debate history. We are here to talk about Neelixís condition."
Neelix: "Donít worry about it, Captain, because Doctor Jetrel will have to find himself another laboratory rodent to help his experiments. Because I would rather die than help you ease your conscience."
jetrel_142.jpgJetrel: "I do not expect you to like me, Mister Neelix, nor do I hope to allay your obvious pain with moral arguments, but I do believe I can help you. If not you, then others of your race. Isnít that more important than punishing me?"

jetrel_159.jpgNeelix: "Are you sure you canít do this?"
Doctor: "Youíre new found confidence in me is flattering, Mister Neelix, but Doctor Jetrel has instruments designed specifically to analyse Talaxian physiology."
Neelix: "Just get it over with. Did I ever tell you about the notorious two-tailed talchoks of Rinax?"
Kes: I donít think so."
jetrel_161.jpgNeelix: "Nasty little vermin, sharp claws, dripping fangs. Ugh. It was quite a nuisance. So one summer when I was a boy, I decided to do something about them. I spent weeks tinkering, creating a fool-proof talchok trap. Once Iíd perfected it I set it in the garden. And the next day I found one of those beasts pinned at the neck, but it wasnít dead, it was squirming, and squealing in agony. And suddenly it didnít look so fiendish any more. It looked like a poor jetrel_164.jpginnocent animal."
Kes:"What a horrible story."
Neelix: "Well you see, I had become so fascinated with my invention that I never really thought about how that poor creature would suffer."
Jetrel: "Are you finished?"
Neelix: "For now."
jetrel_177.jpgJetrel: So am I.
Neelix: "And?"
Jetrel: "Iím sorry, Mister Neelix."
Neelix: "Sorry? Why are you sorry?"
Jetrel: "Iím afraid you have incipient metremia."

jetrel_190.jpgNeelix: "When I first met you I didnít know that your species lived only eight or nine years. I fell in love with you without knowing how lonely it would be to live without you after youíre gone. Now that Iím going to die first I donít have to worry about it."
Kes: "Before I met you, eight or nine years seemed like an eternity. It never occurred to me that anyone could live longer. Now that weíre together no matter how many years we have left it doesnít seem like enough. But the important thing is to cherish whatever time we have together, whether itís a day or a decade."

jetrel_223.jpgJaneway: "Captainís log, Stardate 48832.1. Kes has prevailed upon Neelix to allow Doctor Jetrel to continue metabolic scans in the hope that it will facilitate treatment once the antibody has been synthesized."

jetrel_227.jpgDoctor: "Will you be needing my assistance, Doctor?"
Jetrel: "Not until we have the isotope."
Doctor: "Mister Neelix, is there anything more I can do for you? Very well then, Computer override command one Doctor alpha and end programme."
Jetrel: "Incredible. A hologram that can deactivate itself.
Neelix: "Is there anything besides science that maKes your heart
jetrel_230.jpgbeat faster, Jetrel?"
Jetrel: "No, not any more. Now would you please sit down."
Neelix: "You know what Iíve been thinking? If Iíd been in charge of the cascade Iíd have, I donít know, chosen a military target, or simply deployed it on an uninhabited planet. Somehow I donít think I Ďd have targeted innocent civilians."
Jetrel: "The military strategists did not think a demonstration would
jetrel_231.jpgwork. They wanted to show the power in all itís horror."
Neelix: "You should have tried to stop them. Why didnít you speak out? People would have listened to you."
Jetrel: It would not have made any difference. If I had not discovered the cascade it would have been someone else, donít you see? It was a scientific inevitability, one discovery flowing naturally to the next. Something so enormous as science will not stop for
jetrel_233.jpgsomething as small as man, Mister Neelix."
Neelix: "So you did it for science."
Jetrel: "For my planet, and yes, for science. To know whether or not it could be done. Itís good to know how the world works. It is not possible to be a scientist unless you believe that all the knowledge of the universe and all the power it bestows is of intrinsic value to everyone and one must share that knowledge and allow it to be
jetrel_236.jpgapplied, and then be willing to live with the consequences."
Neelix: "Consequences? Who are you to talk about consequences."
Jetrel: "You are not the only one to loose family during the war, Mister Neelix."
Neelix: "Your family was killed?"
Jetrel: "Nothing as clean as death. When I returned home after the
jetrel_239.jpgcascade to my wife, my lovely wife Hilree, she could not bear to look at me. When I would reach out to her she would pull away as if I had some contagious disease. You see, like you, she thought I had become a monster, and shortly after that she took my three children and I have not seen them since."
Neelix: "Thatís a sad story, Jetrel. But let me tell you another one. A man goes back to Rinax after the cascade. Back to what had
jetrel_240.jpgbeen his home to look for survivors. But the impact of the blast has set off hundreds of fires, and thereís nothing there. Just smouldering ruins and the stench of seared flesh. But in the distance, in the middle of all that emptiness, from out of this huge cloud of billowing dust he can see bodies moving, whimpering, coming toward him. Theyíre monsters, their flesh horribly charred, the colour of shale. One of them comes toward him, mangled arms outstretched and he jetrel_244.jpgcanít help it, he turns away frightened. But then the thing speaks and he knows by the sound of her voice that sheís not a monster at all but a child, a little girl."
Jetrel: "Mister Neelix, I
Neelix: "Her name was Palaxia. We brought her back to Talax with the other survivors. Over the next few weeks I stayed at her bedside and watched her wither away. Those are consequences, Doctor
Jetrel: "There is no way I can ever apologise to you, Mister Neelix. Thatís why I have not tried."
Neelix: "Did you ever think that maybe your wife was right. That you have become a monster?"
Jetrel: "Yes. The day when we tested the cascade, when I saw that blinding light, brighter than a thousand suns. I knew at that moment
jetrel_277.jpgexactly what I had become."
Neelix: "I hope you have to live with that a very long time."
Jetrel: "Iím afraid you will not get your wish, Mister Neelix."
Neelix: "And why is that?"
Jetrel: "I have advanced metremia. I will be dead in a matter of days."

jetrel_280.jpgVoice: "Itís your turn."
Neelix: "Thereís no open shot."
Voice: "Why donít you call a safety, Neelix? Isnít that what you always do?"
Neelix: "Iím no coward."
Voice: "Thatís not what Iíve heard."
Neelix: "What are you doing, itís my turn!"
jetrel_295.jpgVoice: "Youíve lost your chance to play. Now youíre going to loose!"
Janeway: "Neelix. Where did you go, why did you leave us?"
Neelix: "I did what I thought was right."
Paris: "You were afraid."
Neelix: "No! I.."
Kes: "Neelix."
jetrel_301.jpgNeelix: "Who are you?"
Kes: "Itís me, Palaxia."
Neelix: "Palaxia!"
Kes: "Why werenít you here to help us?"
Neelix: "You! You did this, butcher!"

jetrel_308.jpgParis: "Entering synchronous orbit, Captain."
Neelix: "Hard to believe that on clear nights you could look up from Talax and see the shimmering lights of the colony. The night of the cascade a bright flash cut across the sky. It was so blinding that people threw themselves to the ground. Then everything stopped, like a moment out of time, then we all looked up to see where the flash had come from, but the sky seemed oddly empty. Took most
jetrel_311.jpgof us a few seconds to realise it was because Rinax was - gone. Of course the moon was still there, we just couldnít see it because of that Metreon cloud."
Torres (Over Comm): "Engineering to Bridge. Weíre ready to begin transporter pre-sequencing, Captain."
Janeway: "Acknowledged."
Neelix: "This brings back too many memories, Captain. If youíll excuse me."
Janeway: "Of course."

jetrel_348.jpgKes: "Neelix? Neelix, are you in here? Neelix? Iíve been looking for you everywhere. Why did you take your comm.-badge off?"
Neelix: "I wanted to be alone."
Kes: "Iím sorry to bother you, but I was worried. I know how you must feel."
Neelix: "No, you donít know! Not everything. You donít know where I was the night Rinax was destroyed."
jetrel_350.jpgKes: "On Talax, fighting with the defence forces."
Neelix: "I was on Talax, but I wasnít fighting with the defence forces. I was hiding from them. I wasnít a hero at the battle of the Parinthian gorge. Iíve never even been there."
Kes: "I donít understand."
Neelix: "I never reported for duty."
Kes: "Why not?"
jetrel_353.jpgNeelix: "I thought the war was unjust, that Talax was fighting for reasons that werenít worth killing for. Or at least, thatís what I told myself. But the real reason I didnít report was because I was a coward. Now you know."
Kes: "If the Talaxian authorities would have caught you, what would they have done?"
Neelix: "During war time, the punishment for refusing military
jetrel_356.jpgservice was death."
Kes: "So, you put your life at risk for something you believed in, and you think that maKes you a coward. I donít understand.
Neelix: "It makes me a liar! Iíve lied about it all these years, to you, to Jetrel, to everyone."
Kes: "Because youíre dishonest."
Neelix: "Because Iím ashamed."
jetrel_361.jpgKes: "What an awful burden youíve carried all these years. No wonder youíre so angry with Jetrel."
Neelix: Of course I am, he killed them all. My mother, my father, my little brothers."
Kes:: "Is that really why? Every since Jetrel came on board youíve despised him. The hurt and anger youíve held in all these years was vented right at him. But was it really Jetrel youíre angry with? Is he
jetrel_377.jpgthe one you blamed for what happened?"
Neelix: "I donít know.
Kes:: "Or was he just a convenient target to keep you from looking somewhere else."
Neelix: "You mean from looking at myself. You may be right, but I hate him. And I donít think I can stop hating him."
Kes:: "Maybe you have to stop hating yourself first."

jetrel_406.jpgNeelix: "Doctor Jetrel.."
Jetrel: "You startled me!"
Neelix: "Iím sorry, but I need to speak with you."
Jetrel: "Is it possible we could talk later. It wonít be long before I am too weak to work. I would like to finish before I die.
Neelix: "What is that? Youíre engaging in some kind of bizarre experiment, arenít you? What is it this time? You donít understand. I can help them. What do you call that? Scientific progress? Iím going to the Captain!" (Jetrel, knocks Neelix out with hypospray)

jetrel_417.jpgJaneway: "Any report on Doctor Jetrelís progress, Commander?"
Chakotay: "Not yet, Captain."
Janeway: "Bridge to Sickbay. Janeway to sickbay. Janeway to Doctor Jetrel. Computer, activate Emergency Medical Hologram.
Doctor (Over Comm): "Please state the nature of Medica..."
Janeway: "What the hellís going on down there, Doctor?"
Doctor: "Doctor Jetrel deactivated me. Heís gone now."
jetrel_416.jpgTuvok: "Computer, locate Doctor Jetrel."
Computer: "Doctor Jetrel is in transporter room one."
Doctor: "And Mister Neelix is unconscious. It appears heís been tranquillized."
Janeway: "You have the bridge, Commander. Security, meet me in transporter room one. Tuvok!"

jetrel_427.jpgTuvok: "Please step aside, Doctor."
Jetrel: "You must let me continue. Lives depend on it."
Janeway: "Weíve heard that from you before. Youíre beginning to loose credibility."
Jetrel: "Captain, I beg you, let me bring them back."
Neelix: "Bring who back? Who, Doctor? Who is it youíre going to bring back?"
Jetrel: "The victims of Rinax."

jetrel_433.jpgNeelix: "Heís out of his mind, Captain."
Jetrel: "Please, look at my calculations. You remember what I told you about metremia, Captain, how it causes the bodies atomic structure to undergo fission. It mirrors the way the metreon cascade vaporized its victims through bio-molecular disintegration."
Neelix: "Do we have to listen to this?
Janeway: "I think we should hear him out.
jetrel_435.jpgJetrel: "What Iíve been working on for the past fifteen years is a way to rebuilt that atomic structure. What I call regenerative fusion."
Janeway: "Are you saying youíre actually trying to restore people who were vaporized by the Metreon cascade?"
Jetrel: "Yes!
Janeway: "Given the degree of fragmentation youíre talking about, I donít see how thatís possible."
jetrel_439.jpgJetrel: "The electro-static properties of the cloud are such that the disassembled bio-matter has been held in a state of animated suspension. I discovered years ago that re-integration is possible."
Neelix: "Is that what you were doing with that thing in sickbay?"
Jetrel: "Yes, exactly! Neelix saw it. It was an amalgamation of randomly fused organic material. Bits and pieces of previously vaporized bio-matter."
jetrel_443.jpgNeelix: "But if the bio-matter in the cloud is so random, so jumbled, how could you reconstruct something whole?"
Jetrel: "I used medical records to identify the genetic coding of a specific victim, a test case if you will. Once we input his DNA sequence, then we can isolate his atomic fragments with your targeting scanners, and then rematerialize him!"
Neelix: "What if heís right?"
jetrel_445.jpgTuvok: "Captain. Doctor Jetrel is proposing the reconstruction and re-animation of a remarkable complex set of bio-systems from billions of sub-atomic particles."
Janeway: "Iím afraid I have to agree. It all sounds very implausible.
Jetrel: "You sound exactly like my country. I asked them for more funds to continue my research to help the victims of Rinax, because I wanted the world to know Iím not a monster. My theories can be
jetrel_449.jpgused to heal, as well as to destroy. But they refused me, called me a Talaxian sympathizer and exiled me."
Janeway: "Does Neelix really have metremia or was that just a pretext for getting us to come to Rinax."
Jetrel: "It was just a pretext, Captain. You do not have metremia, Neelix. You are not going to die."
Neelix: "Why didnít you just tell us the truth in the first place?"
jetrel_476.jpgJetrel: "Your Captain is an accomplished scientist. She doubts my theories. My own government did too. I just could not risk being not believed again. But, Captain, it will work!"
Neelix: "If thereís any chance he can do it, youíve got to let him try."
Janeway: "Neelix, there are just too many variables."
Neelix: "Please, Captain."
Janeway: "Lt Tuvok, activate the emergency containment field around the transporter pad."
Tuvok: "Aye, Captain. Emergency containment field activated."

jetrel_479.jpgJaneway: "Weíll have to re-target scanners to the widest possible confinement beam. Itís our only hope of achieving bond cohesion with such broadly scattered fragments."
Tuvok: "Re-targeting scanners to wide beam."
Janeway: "Energise. Phase transition coils to maximum."
Tuvok: "Aye, Captain."
Janeway: "Is the biogenic field operational?jetrel_481.jpg"
Tuvok: "Affirmative."
Neelix: "Itís incredible."
Tuvok: "Atomic cohesion has dropped to forty nine percent, Captain."
Janeway: "Pattern buffers to maximum power."
Tuvok: "They are already at one hundred percent.."
Janeway: "Take them to one-twenty, Lieutenant."
jetrel_496.jpgTuvok: "Pattern buffers to one hundred and twenty percent of rated maximum."
Janeway: "Weíre losing him."
Tuvok: "Atomic cohesion to thirty nine percent. Twenty two percent. Fourteen percent. His pattern is degrading rapidly."
Jetrel: "You must increase the power to the pattern buffers, Captain."
jetrel_503.jpgJaneway: "Weíve got to stimulate cohesion. Is there anyway to augment the biogenic field?"
Tuvok: "The degree of fragmentation is simply too great. It will not work. We are overloading the system."
Janeway: "Shut it down, Mister Tuvok."
(Jetrel collapes to the floor)

jetrel_506.jpgJaneway: "Captains log Stardate 48840.5. Doctor Jetrelís metremia is now in itís final stage. Heís spending his remaining hours in Sickbay."

jetrel_520.jpgJetrel: "Neelix. I suppose you think this is a fitting punishment for me."
Neelix: "Maybe the cascade was a punishment for all of us, for our hatred, our brutality. Thereís something I need to tell you. I tried to tell you before, but..."
Jetrel: "What is it?"
Neelix: "I want to tell you that I forgive you."
(Jetrel dies)