Elogium Trivia



The Spawn Beetle can cross-pollinate any vegetable, including the Oblissian Cabbage
Janeway says that a Captain can not get "involved" with a member of his/her crew
The Space-dwelling life forms Voyager encountered can go as fast as 6,000 kilometers per second and are capable of metabolizing inorganic matter.
Tuvok has four children. Three sons and one daughter.
When an Ocampa female goes into the Mating ritual called "Elogium" they will eat anything...including dirt.
B'Elanna explains that a targ scoop was used on Klingon Ground assault vehicles. The scoop would emit a high frequency tone that disperses targ herds in their path.
A sac appears on a female Ocampa called a "Mitral Sac." It is where the baby will grow.
Ocampa Females start the "Elogium" at the ages of 4 to 5, and it only comes once in a ocampa lifetime.
The Rolisiain ritual is an Ocampa tradition where one of the Ocampa's parents must massage her feet until her tongue begins to swell.
Ensign Samantha Wildman will be the first woman on Voyager to have a baby.