Persistence of Vision Trivia


The first attempt to transfer The Doctor to Engineering was successful. (He just became smaller)
The EMH can outrank the Captain in any type of health matters.
Captain Kathryn Janeway has the habit of skipping meals and her excuse is "I just get too busy to eat."
According to the Doctor, His programmers didn't clutter himself up with pithy Earth trivia. They programmed him with far more "important data".
Kes has been doing some mental exercises with Tuvok developing her telepathic abilities.
Tuvok's wife is named T'Pel and Tuvok plays the Vulcan lute.
Engineering is on deck eleven.
Belanna has a secret: She is in love with Chakotay.
Janeway's neck is the favorite spot she likes to be kissed.
The Botha is a powerful alien race that can cause you to hallucinate.