Darkling Quotes

Ghandi: "Men and women should refrain from enjoying each other. Even their mutual glances must be free from all suggestion of carnality."
Lord Byron: "Free of passion? One might just as well be free of humanity. Do you not agree?"
Neelix: "I, I think you both make valid points."
Doctor: "I think I'm detecting a reaction to your recent breakup with Mister Neelix. The Mahatma would recommend a cold bath. Simplistic, but no doubt effective."
Doctor: "Have you been....naughty?" 
Doctor: "Does that feel good?"
Torres: "Doctor, unless you want me to knock you into the middle of the next millennium, you better back off."
Doctor: "Don't eat the vegetables, I said. But does anyone listen to me?"   
Doctor: "Just finishing up the summary analyses from last week's mission."
Kes: "I was supposed to do that."
Doctor: "Yes you were."
Doctor: "Watch your tongue. Or I'll remove it."  
Doctor: '"What is the nature of the medical emergency'. What a hollow excuse for a life. Servile... pathetic... at the beck and call of anyone who invokes his name."
Doctor: "Put those down before someone gets hurt and I have to clean up the mess."   
Doctor: "I swear this oath by Apollo Physician, by Aesculpius, by health, and by all the gods and goddesses. In whatsoever place that I enter, I will enter to help the sick and heal the injured, and I will do no harm."