Concerning Flight Quotes

Janeway: “Fire at will.”
Tuvok: “I have the will, but not the means Captain. Targeting control is down.”
Janeway: “Full phasers, manual targeting. Keep firing until you hit something!”
Paris: “I feel like we’ve just been mugged.”
Janeway: “Try to keep our hologram occupied.”
Tuvok: “But Captain…”
Janeway: “Make small talk.”
Tuvok: “Vulcans do not make small talk.”
DaVinci: “What a fascinating conversation. It has left me as dry as Vulcan.”
Tuvok: “Vulcan?”
DaVinci: “As island off Sicily, have you been there?”
Tuvok: “No.”
The Doctor: “Come back whenever you feel like talking, I’ll be right here…all by myself.”
DaVinci: “There’s a mechanical woman inside!”
Janeway: “Leonardo, you’ve always said that it’s a poor apprentice who can’t surpass her master. There are things in this world that I understand and you don’t.”
DaVinci: “We’re flying!”
Janeway: “Like the birds?!”
DaVinci: “Like the birds!”