Ashes to Ashes Trivia


Towards the start of the episode when Ensign Ballard communicates with Voyager and speaks to Lt. Commander Tuvok, she congratulates him on his promotion from Lieutenant. Ensign Ballard died in an encounter with the Hirogen on stardate 51563. However, Tuvok was promoted on stardate 51186 (the fourth season episode "Revulsion") - several months before Ensign Ballard died. Surely she should have known about it.
Why doesn't the universal translator work when Lyndsay speaks in the Kobali language? As seen in The 37's, it is supposed to smoothly translate in real time the spoken words of any language (in fact, it works when they meet the Kobali man).
Seems that Lyndsay Ballard travelled, in 6 months and with a single shuttle, the same distance that took 3 years for Voyager, even using transwarp, warp catapults, etc.
When Tom is recalling Harry's "loves" he actually miscounts one, Tal the Varo from "The Disease" in season 5. So it would be a hologram, a Borg, the wrong twin, a Varo, and Ensign Ballard.
Harry explains that he rearranged his schedule at the academy to be in the same classes with Lyndsay since he is secretly in love with her, but the straight laced Ensign Kim already has a girlfriend called Libby in San Francisco ("Non Sequitur"). He mentions several times in the first couple of seasons that he will be faithful to his girlfriend.