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NEW: Voyager Wrap Party Cast and Crew Video Interviews!
We've added a new collection of 14 interviews with all the major cast and crew including Kate Mulgrew, Bob Picardo, Jeri Ryan, Ethan Philips, Rick Berman, Majel Barrett and many more!
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Star Trek Voyager Wrap Party
Voyager wrapped production in 2001 after seven years on the air. The series finale 'Endgame' attracted huge media attention.

The entire cast of Voyager were interviewed at the show's wrap party alongside recurring actors and producers.

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Star Trek Voyager Trailers

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Star Trek Voyager Virtual Tour

When Star Trek Voyager was ending its run, the Official Star Trek website offered panoramas of the different areas of the ship. Below is a re-release of that virtual tour. You will need QuickTime to play and interact with the video.


View from Command Chair
View from Helm Console
View from Sensors Console
View from Tactical Console


View from Core Control
View from Second Level


View from Treatment Area
View of Doctor's Office


View from Transporter Control
View from Transporter Pad


View of Corridor
View of Messhall
View of Outside Holodeck
View of Briefing Room